Shakira and Gerard Piqué: the theories that they faked the media separation

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Since Shakira and Gerard Pique they announced their separation, they became the most popular topic, all the media wanted to have the exclusive on details of their relationship. And although much was leaked thanks to the paparazzi, the vast majority of the information came from the singer, who in an interview with Elle revealed her emotional state after her breakup, without speaking ill of the father of her children. she.

However, everything changed when Shakira and Bizarrap recorded together “la tiradera” where The Colombian vented about what she had experienced in her relationship with her ex, who has not remained silent either, since at the premiere of her Kings League she arrived in a Twingo and used a Casio, being sarcastic with the references that were made in the Music Session #53.

Given this, several theories have been created that everything would be acted out between the couple: “In reality, they don’t get along badly, but this is also a story so that both are gaining media coverage because, as you know, they were not at their best”commented the youtuber Dalas Review in his video where he breaks down all the reasons why it is believed that the ex-partner would be pretending.

Shakira has not written the song

“It’s somewhat disappointing,” says the youtuber, and it’s certainly true since although one of the writers, Kevyn Mauricio Cruz Moreno, revealed in an interview that she had the list of those she wanted to talk about, the other 3 writers involved helped her.

As well as at the writers’ table, the Colombian in the three songs “I congratulate you”, “Monotonía” and the one from Bizarrap asked them to be “scornful” mode. “That was what she wanted.” However it was discovered that the first two songs were written while the couple was still together. Which raised doubts about the veracity of the songs being dedicated to the former footballer.

Shakira and Gerard Piqué follow each other on Twitter

During the last six months, celebrities have starred in very controversial episodes where the Colombian has exposed her feelings through music, while the soccer player has also given battle with his hints.

Despite this situation, The ex-partner continues to follow each other on social networks, which has caused confusion among fans, who wonder why they are still friends on the platforms? Since they have thrown everything in the media, for which one might think that the breakup would only be a marketing strategy and the couple did not end badly.

Celebrity breakups always end badly

The youtuber, Dallas Review in his video mentioned other famous couples who have divorced and have ended very badly, fighting for their children, in the case of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt or for their dignity, in the case of Johnny Depp and Amber heard.

And it is true that although Shakira and her ex Gerard Piqué have hit each other in the media, the same has not happened in the custody of their children, since they quickly reached an agreement on the custody of Milan and Sasha.

The millionaire earnings of Shakira and Gerard Piqué

For these reasons, some Internet users have assured that the break would be marketing. Since the profits have been millionaires for both parties.

For Shakira, in April 2022 she released Te felicito, to date it has 452 million views, generating close to 10 million dollars.

“Monotonía”, by the hand of Ozuna, released just a couple of months ago, has 176 million reproductions, which becomes a little more than 3 million 500 thousand dollars.

And with Bizarrap, the famous billed 2 million dollars in 4 days. On YouTube it already reaches almost 190 million views and on Spotify it exceeds 53 million. In addition, in the latter, Shakira has just become the only Latina female artist in the history of the platform to have the highest number of monthly listeners, dethroning Bad Bunny.

While Gerard Piqué has found important sponsors such as Twingo and Casio for his Twitch event “Kings League”.

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