Shakira applauds Salma Hayek for ultra-sexy dance in viral video

Famous singer Shakira recently contributed to Salma Hayek’s endorsement of a viral video about the actress’s dancing talents. Shakira wrote a complimentary comment, praising Salma’s passionate performance and emphasizing the importance of Latin American diversity. In record time, the popular post racked up over 365,000 likes and an endorsement from Jessica Alba. Shakira posted a complimentary comment, expressing her desire to feature Salma Hayek. and the importance of Latin American diversity is very important. In record time, the popular post received more than 365,000 likes, earning approval from Jessica Alba.

Salma Hayek unexpectedly joins Shakira

On February 2, Salma Hayek prepared a touching surprise for Shakira for her 47th birthday. In the hilarious video, the Mexican actress imitated Shakira’s iconic choreography on a rolling tapestry, accompanied by symbolic credits. “Hips don’t lie.” The theme is a thank you to the Colombian singer for her many musical contributions throughout the years.

Salma Hayek addressed Shakira’s charming voices on the occasion of their anniversary and declared: “Joyeux anniversaire Rain Shakira, you are a musical beauty. Thank you for the music. » A Salma Hayek screening video is energetically released on the course tapestry, and also recreates the famous “Hips Don’t Lie” video in honor of her singer-songwriter.

With a dose of humor, acting pantomime with capillary movements, hands and bras of the singer Shakira, continue to give your dancing talents and sons. Elle plaisante en ajoutant : “Warning: Si vous n’avez pas de sang latin or arabe, ne tenez pas cela chez vous”, in an Instagram post. Surprise maneuvers, two hours after the mise-en-scène in the video line, she left attention plus 3,660,000 views and 4,000 comments, don’t mind the special outfit: “Salma, you are incredible. Fire Latin!!! On t’aime,” signed par… la “Reine Shakira” elle-même.

The famous Salma Hayek: an inspiring park

A bee in 1966 in Coatzacoalcos, Mexico. Salma Hayek in a wonderful family of different origins, they pere étant libanais et sa mère espagnole. Malgre etudes of international relations in Mexico, son of the conductor of the world theater at the end of the year, 1980. They began with the feuilleton “Teresa” in 1989, which marked the debut of a promising career. After moving to Los Angeles, she went to a meeting. Remarkable rise in Hollywood with films such as Time Code, Bandidas and Frida.

February 2, 2024 Salma Hayek pays tribute to singer Shakira as she celebrates her 47th birthday in a special video. On September 2, 2023, Salma Hayek will celebrate her 57th birthday. to identify an exceptional and humble filmmaker, an icon of seventy years of art. Malgrès are successful, the rest are modest and discover the talents of other women artists.

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