Shakira became a victim of a womanizer, pique vole à son secaurs!

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Soulage, after leaving Barcelona to live in Miami with her children, Shakira knows when she’s conflicted in her new post-divorce life.

In fact, thanks to Telemundo’s understanding, the Colombian pop star and her two children Milan and Sasha will be able to find out the truth about the arceler after they are born in the United States.

Arrêté mais relâché sous caution, l’omme en question – a Texan named John Valtier (56 years old) – aurait envoyé des photos “anxious” and “crazy” children of Shakira and Gerard Pique ainsi qu’un colis contenant des bouteilles wine, chocolate and beverages.

Pique is not true in the pocket to ensure the safety of Shakira and her children

Vieille connaissance du service de security Shakira and admirer of the long-time artist, l’harceleur serait also in the role of Gerard Pique, for the solidarity coup of the son of the former company and the desires of the protégés of his children.

After the Iberian press, the ancient defender of Barça was assisted by Shakira instead of security 24 hours a day in the singer’s Florida home. “Pique is restless. “Il veut éviter que cet épisode ne se repète,” says Spanish journalist Alex Rodriguez. The shadow of a pop star’s life…

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In Miami, Shakira became a victim of a fan and a very close friend. Concerned about his children, he regrets that this man is not careful in his freedom, Gerard Pique returned to duty late and helped ensure the pop star’s safety.

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