Shakira celebrates her 47th birthday with a man who showers her with companions –

Shakira celebrated her 47th birthday on February 2, marking her first year of fame in Miami after working full-time in the United States. For this occasion, he organized a big party in the most important branches of the city.

The singer, originally from Barranquilla, was invited not by Prince Royce, but by other great music figures who collaborated with the Deja Vu tube. In addition, the presence plus the remark in this cell of Rafa Arcaute, the last person with the Colombian, was her partner.

Photos from the evening dedicated to Shakira with her son on Instagram, they admired the fact that they accompanied the rest of the Sony Music Latin equipment, the disc house was lacquered, where they were fitted for all two. Now we are talking about the fact that Arkaut are music producers with Shakira who can collaborate. At the same time, these last weeks, plus the media, are suggesting that the relationship should be deeper.

Il faudra party pour en savoir plus, car photos do not confirm the relationship that is associated with the beautiful friendship between you. In any case, you have chosen for sure: this evening provokes beautiful discussions and reinforces the lies between the two artists.

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