Shakira distracts herself from TAX PROBLEMS by taking the kids on vacation and to a baseball game


It looks like Shakira is trying to move on from Gerard Pique. The Colombian singer has faced tax issues that have troubled her following her split from the Spanish footballer. She has been charged with an alleged $14.6 million tax evasion in Spain and faces 8 years in prison; she will also have to pay $23.1 million as a penalty.


Seemingly distracted by all these troubles, Shakira was recently spotted leaving Miami airport with her sons Sasha, 7, and Milan, 9, on Tuesday. She wore beautiful brown tresses parted in the middle and cascading over her shoulders. She completed her look with a matching peach handbag looped over her wrist. The boys wore matching outfits – red t-shirts, black shorts and sports sneakers. The singer then vacationed in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico with her boys, then was captured in Los Angeles.

The celeb shared an Instagram post accompanied by her boys alongside three baseball players on the field. The boys are seen wearing Los Angeles team jerseys. The caption of the post read, “Thank you Dodgers for making my kids feel at home. Although the singer doesn’t post much about her private life, this post showed that she was trying to distract herself.



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Gerard Pique ‘suffering’ after split with Shakira, says Barcelona president

Unlike her ex-partner, Shakira isn’t having a good time. The couple had been together for 11 years and announced their separation saying, “We regret to confirm that we are separating. We are requesting privacy at this time for the well-being of our children, who are our top priority. Thank you in advance for your understanding and respect. The reason for their separation was that Pique was unfaithful to Shakira. Soon the news spread like wildfire and people on social media were outraged.

The celeb was recently charged with six counts of fraud in the space of 2 years (2012 and 2014). Although the singer had to pay a large sum, she refused to accept an out-of-court settlement. Admitting to the settlement would have proved she was guilty after the charges against the singer were made public. It was later discovered that Shakira pretended to live abroad to avoid taxes. It happened when the singer was with her ex-partner. But her public relations firm said: “She believes in her innocence and has chosen to leave the matter in the hands of the law. »



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