Shakira rumor, Casillas calm Pique

Appearing among Shakira’s followers on Instagram, Iker Casillas has been the subject of rumors that he is in a relationship with Gerard Pique’s ex-wife. Something to annoy the former goalkeeper who got loose on the social network.

Authoritative exit from Iker Casillas! In recent days, the former goalkeeper has seen his name feed the people section. The Spaniard had the misfortune to follow Shakira on Instagram, which did not escape some media on the lookout for this kind of detail. As a result, rumors quickly announced him in a relationship with the Colombian artist.

Real Madrid’s iconic goalkeeper, no doubt accustomed to misinformation during his career, could have let it go and moved on. But the information annoyed him and forced him to intervene in his own way. ” Tocate las narices… Tocate las narices… “, dropped Iker Casillas in a Spanish expression that could be translated as “ screw you “. And the retired goalkeeper didn’t stop there. Always on the same social network, the ex-Spanish international imagined a discussion between the journalists who swung this rumor.

In an essay:

– Iker follows Shakira on Instagram
– That means they’re together!
– Do we invent information?
– You don’t have the balls!
– Wait, I’ll do it. »

If the main interested party insisted on denying it in this way, it is perhaps in order to avoid any problem with Gerard Pique. The central defender of FC Barcelona might not have liked to see his former rival in the club, and teammate in the selection, dating his ex-wife. As a reminder, the Blaugrana separated from Shakira, mother of his two children, last June after 12 years of relationship. This people information unfortunately represents the only news of Gerard Pique, absent from the plans of his coach Xavi at Barça this season.

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