Shakira thanks Beyoncé for teaching her to overcome her tusa

Gender solidarity does exist and Shakira’s new message on her Instagram stories is proof of thisWell, although it does not directly say the names of those who have been at the foot of the canyon in the midst of the Colombian breakup, there is a detail that for many is “clearly” a sign of the great friendship that exists between the diva Colombian and the great Beyoncé.

The two singers have reaped a friendship of almost two decades, which began behind the scenes when Shakira met Queen B’s husband, rapper and producer Jay Z, and that is how the woman from Houston and the woman from Barranquilla got along perfectly. to the point of singing together in one of the most legendary pop diva collaborations ever made in music history: Beautiful Liar, song in which the voice registers of the two divas are almost the same and in which clip their bodies blur into one while the two move their hips in the style Eyes like that.

Neither Shakira nor Beyoncé invited the other to perform said song live, a debt that they still owe to all their fans, however, they have kept in touch and every time they meet at awards or events They sit together, unravel the notebook, laugh at everything they have experienced and give each other advice, some of which are so great and powerful. that end up being a matter of global significance, like Shakira’s most recent single in one of the sessions of the Argentine producer Bizarrap, number 53.

This song that has no name generated controversy since its release, because his lyrics are a string of poisoned crushes towards his ex-partner, the ex-soccer player Gerard Piqué, and his new girlfriend, the Spanish Clara Chíawith direct phrases in which the woman from Barranquilla accuses the Catalan of being unfaithful, of not having been there for her in her most difficult moments, of having generated an infinite debt for her with the Spanish tax authorities and of not having been mature enough to be with her until the end.

For her part, Clara was left at the level of a Twingo, a Casio and with the label of not being a clear woman, nor respectful of her marriage, nor with the slightest possibility of replacing the Colombian and filling the void she leaves in Barcelona, Well, Shakira is waiting for her father William Mebarak to get on a plane to restart his life in Miami, where he will live with his two children, Milan and Sasha.

The Colombian was criticized by Spanish figures who did not agree with this launch against Piqué.
The Colombian was criticized by Spanish figures who did not agree with this launch against Piqué. – Photo: YouTube screenshot @bizarrap

But to all these where does Beyoncé fall? It’s simple. Shakira has just published two stories showing the milestone that her song with Bizarrap has achieved, currently being number 1 on Spotify’s global chart and the Spanish release that has had the most streams in a single day in the entire history of the song. social network. In these images, Shakira herself wrote a heartfelt message where she would thank the interpreter of Single Ladies.

“Thanks to the incredible Bizarrap, Sony Music Latin, to my wonderful team and group of warrior women who walk by my side. This goes out to all the women who taught me that when life throws you bitter lemons, there’s no other choice but to make lemonade.”, is the phrase of thanks.

The singer celebrated the success of her new song on Spotify.
The singer celebrated the success of her new song on Spotify. – Photo: Instagram screenshot @shakira

It should be remembered that Beyoncé also went through a very painful moment in her life when she discovered Jay Z’s infidelity and after many therapy sessions and rebuilding trust with the rapper, the singer decided to channel all her pain and revenge into her album lemonadein which he perfectly describes the steps to overcome a tusa: Intuition, Denial, Apathy, Emptiness, Responsibility and Reform, This is the name of the six chapters into which said production was divided, with which the streaming music platform Tidal premiered and whose clips make up a movie worthy of Hollywood, since it not only has drama, it also carries political and social messages.

It is clear then that one of Beyoncé’s recommendations to Shakira is that she use her art to drain the wound that Piqué left her.after being the one who allowed Clara Chía to eat the Colombian jam while she, still ignorant of the subject, left Spain to put a face to the few labor matters she handled, since her career was on pause for his to rise like foam.

Shakira and Bizarrap
Shakira and Bizarrap. – Photo: sonymusic

In addition, Piqué did not wait for anything to go public with his new girlfriend after the official announcement of the separation and it is said that in his close circle he does not limit himself when it comes to telling intimate details that would leave the Colombian on the ground. matter that now was returned to him, and in what way, with the last session of Bizarrap with the legendary Shakira.

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