Shakira used looks of more than 4 thousand dollars with Jimmy Fallon, where she sang her song against Piqué

That night became even more special when, behind the scenes, the Colombian and the Argentine received 4 Guinness Records for their hit song.

As if that hadn’t been enough, the 46-year-old singer rocked two expensive looks.

Shakira arriving in New York with her children before appearing on the Jimmy Fallon show.

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The looks of thousands of dollars that Shakira used in the Jimmy Fallon program

The 46-year-old singer had two wardrobe changes in her participation in ‘The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon’.

During the interview with the host, in which she talked about how her hit ‘BZRP Music Sessions #53’ came about, as well as the boost it has given her in the midst of their separation, she wore a short black dress. Because she was seated, many may not have noticed that the piece had elements of lace and small rhinestones.

This garment is designed by Alessandra Rich and costs $2,183 (41,300 Mexican pesos), according to the brand’s website.

The dress Shakira wore on ‘The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon’

Credit: Alessandra Rich

For her interpretation of the song she launched against Gerard Piqué, Shakira opted for a slightly more risky style: a transparent ‘body’ with ‘cut outs’ and pants with openings.

The top of the look was a custom piece from ONRUSHW23FH, a brand that also did her wardrobe in the ‘TQG’ music video. Therefore, its price is unknown.

The pants, for their part, were a design from Mugler’s autumn-winter collection, whose cost amounts to 2,836 dollars (2,690 euros).

The pants Shakira wore on ‘The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon’

Credit: Mugler

In her previous visit to the Jimmy Fallon show, Shakira had already worn another Mugler design, although in May 2022 she opted for a red dress.

Shakira believes that she formed a brotherhood with her song against Gerard Piqué

In conversation with the television presenter, the Colombian spoke about the impact that ‘BZRP Music Sessions #53’ has had on her career and personal life.

She expressed that this topic not only allowed her to channel her emotions after her separation from the father of her children, but also allowed her to connect with many other women who have gone through similar situations.

“This song has been a call for many women with whom I have formed a sisterhood because they think the way I think. I wrote a song for myself, but it has meant a lot to all women who need a voice,” Shakira said. .


Shakira and her family would have received unfavorable news about her father’s health.


Don William Mebarak, 91, has seen his health decline in the last year. A fall that he suffered at the singer’s house in May 2022 has caused him to go to the hospital in Barcelona several times.

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According to the website of the newspaper El Confidencial, the Colombian’s father supposedly had to undergo surgery this Monday, February 6, for the sake of improvement.

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However, the bad news would have been that the man could not be operated on.

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According to the Europa Press agency, Mr. William Mebarak did not enter the operating room.


Citing the “environment” of the singer, the Spanish media pointed out that Mebarak could not be operated on “for medical reasons.”

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According to the cited sources, Shakira’s father “seems that he will still have to wait a few days” to undergo surgery.

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The specific reasons for this alleged intervention were not disclosed.

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This news was released almost at the same time that Gerard Piqué appeared so happy with his girlfriend Clara Chía.

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The couple was caught walking through the streets of Barcelona as they had rarely been seen.

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In a complicit attitude, they were questioned about the supposed anxiety attack that the 23-year-old would have suffered from Shakira’s attacks in her most recent song ‘BZRP Music Session #53’.

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“It’s been very good, really. We’ve had a good time,” Piqué replied with a laugh while his girlfriend also laughed.

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The journalist who captured them insisted and then asked if it had been the former soccer player who had suffered the alleged anxiety attacks.

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“I got an anxiety, seriously? An anxiety?” Shakira’s ex responded in a mocking tone and with a smile.

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During her walk to avoid being questioned, Clara Chía hit an advertising billboard on a public highway while trying to hide from the journalist, according to the video that also shows these images.

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Despite the incident, that did not inhibit the couple who laughed out loud at the situation.

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On the walk, the journalist questioned them about the young woman’s birthday and it was Piqué who spoke.

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“I know it’s the 7th (February), but I think you’re wrong,” he clarified without giving details about the date his girlfriend will be 24 years old.

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Shakira and the businessman also announced their separation in June 2022, after 12 years of being together and with two children in between: Milan (10 years old) and Sasha (8).

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In some Spanish media it has been speculated that he allegedly was unfaithful with Clara Chía.


The Colombian would be waiting to move with her children permanently to Miami.

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According to El Confidencial, his father’s health has prevented him, since he supposedly had to be in “La Ciudad del Sol” since last January.

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According to this medium, the singer has set next June as the limit to leave Barcelona.

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