Sharon Stone became a sensation in the “red colors of the Berlinale”

Published February 21, 2024 at 3:26 pm.

Sharon Stone made a sensation at the Berlinale – ©Marechal Aurore/ABACA

On March 20, actress Sharon Stone skipped the red carpet at the Berlin Film Festival.

Red tapis are chained in Berlin. A few days after our visit, we watched Kristen Stewart on the red carpet at the Berlin Film Festival, where Rose Glass hosted “Love Lies Bleeding,” during Sharon Stone’s tour for the bombshell photos. On March 20, the 65-year-old actress guaranteed her participation in the 74th Berlinale to attend the remake of the honorary film “Ours,” directed by Martin Scorsese, dedicated to the ensemble of her film career.

Sharon Stone

On occasion, the star of “Basic Instinct” did not have time to dress up in honor of the arrival of her son. In a white Dolce & Gabbana robe contrasted with a voluminous black cape and drapery, it’s a volontiers prêtée au jeu des Photography, radieuse. The public appearance in honor of Martin Scorsese, which Sharon Stone appeared on Instagram and which is on the same page, was available in the film “Casino”, released in 1996, with lyrics by Robert De Niro.

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If the Berlin Film Festival allows you to honor the seventh art, then the Cannes Film Festival also offers the opportunity to discover joyful surprises, such as the second gross of actress Rooney Mara. On February 16th, Joaquin Phoenix’s company actually made an appearance on the Berlinale red carpet, so I guess the couple’s current home is a deuxième enfant.

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