Shawn Mendes has had a difficult year… Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez went through a new St. Barts…

January 3, 2024

John Travolta celebrates New Year with his children

This new year, John Travolta shared the news with his children! The actor posted a touching video on Instagram from the evening with Ella and Ben, all sad throughout the evening. “Bonn Anne! Merci d’être toujours la pour nous! The Love of John, Ella and Ben”, performed by the legendary.

Ella and Ben’s mother, Kelly Preston, died in 2020, and her father Jett died at age 16 in 2009.

Shawn Mendes has had a rough year

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez drive through new St. Barths

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez opt for “sun and more for the new passerby.” Et même à l’autre bout du monde, le para s’aime toujours autant! Photos obtained by ET Online show the two superstars getting passionate the minute they are in St. Barthelemy. Sur d’autres cliches, on les voit dans un magasin de bijoux de luxe, ou ils ont essay plusieurs effets.

Cela fait un et demi que Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck – that’s a yes. After they ended their relationship in 2004, there were flashbacks to before and after.

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