She is a pizza delivery girl in the United States and caused a stir by saying how much she earned in tips

Alisson Green, a citizen of North Carolina, managed to go viral after revealing what her experience as a pizza delivery person for a well-known brand has been like and how well she does with tips. She was in 11 different houses and got various salaries. Finally, her story caused all kinds of reactions on social networks.

In all, he received $14 in cash, plus $42.29 in credit card payments. In other words, an average of US$5 per service: “It’s not terrible for a Monday, but it could be better… but it’s not terrible,” Green said in a video on her profile, @allison_green0, which already has more than 800,000 views on TikTok. Despite the fact that he said that everything was going perfectly, the virtual community stressed the fact that in some homes they did not give him a tip.

In the footage, she was seen delivering each of the pending packages aboard her car. As she handed out each order of hers, she would position herself in front of the camera to say how much she had received. They never lowered her spirits, even if the amount was good or bad. On the contrary, she said she was willing to work and achieve her objectives.

At the end of the clip, the only thing he managed was to cause reactions from some users, who were surprised by the amount of money he can earn in the week with his work: “You have such a positive attitude. I hope your manager appreciates you”; “You have an outstanding attitude not boring at all 10/10 delivery driver positivity.”

Others, with a more critical tone, wrote him their opinions regarding the pay he received: “I can’t believe people don’t tip”; “If I can’t tip on or close to the bill, then I don’t go out to eat or order”; “Tip your delivery men and waiters,” they sentenced.

How much does a delivery man make in the US?

According to the US Department of Labor, tipped employees earn a minimum of $2.13 per hour, under federal law. Tips make up the difference to make up the Cash and Tips Combined Basic Minimum Wage Rate, which equals $7.25 per hour.

Some delivery people earn most of their salary in tips

The price increase in the service, the conclusion of users

Beyond the good comments, users took a more analytical stance and told the content creator that there was a reason why they hadn’t tipped her much. Commenters said it was because of the price of the delivery service: “What hurt Domino’s drivers is the company surcharge they add to each delivery, it’s like $4.50. After that, you still have to tip”; “Where does the delivery fee go if not to the drivers? Who’s bagging that? Is it for gas reimbursement?” they wondered.

Also, from the point of view of some, fast food is already expensive enough to still think about rewards for delivery people: “I remember when pizza was $7.99 and they guaranteed delivery in less than 30 minutes.”


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