“She is the most beautiful woman”

In 2014, Jeremy Meeks became a viral sensation after his mugshot was posted on Facebook by Stockton, California police, garnering worldwide attention for his physical attractiveness. Meeks was nicknamed “the world’s most beautiful prisoner” and despite being sentenced to 27 months in prison for firearms possession, her unexpected fame opened doors for her in the fashion world.

Now, history repeats itself with 27-year-old driver Veronica Koval from Virginia, who has been arrested for reckless driving. Unsurprisingly, his mugshot published on Instagram has spread around the world due to its attractiveness.

Police photo of woman arrested for careless driving is going around the world:

Police photo of woman arrested for careless driving goes viral around the world: “She is the most beautiful woman in the world”

Veronica Koval

Arrested It all started on May 18, 2018, when the young woman, who worked as a cosmetic patient and laser injector, was charged with reckless driving. After pleading guilty, Kowal was sentenced to 10 days in jail, fined $750, and had his driver’s license suspended for 30 days.

Viral incident. As the weeks passed, the matter was forgotten until months later when his mugshot on the Instagram account “Mugshotties” was spread around the world due to its appeal, generating a wave of both complimentary and critical comments.

“I had to get my Starbucks and go to work.”

Veronica Koval

Kowal’s reaction, Following the viral incident, Kowal commented in an Instagram post, with a mix of humor and honesty, that his rush that day was due to the need to get his Starbucks coffee before going to work: “I had to get my Starbucks and go to work. ”

Top Comments. A story that didn’t take long to go viral spread around the world and accumulated all kinds of comments about it: “Call Elite Models, they need to send a driver to pick up their girl. Let her go free because she was late for a photo shoot”, “She can casually operate on my heart”, “This woman is beautiful. “Supermodel stuff” or “She’s literally the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen in my life”, have been some of the most popular reactions from users.

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