She makes a radical decision!

After 14 years and two children, Vanessa Paradis and Johnny Depp officially announced their separation in 2012. Malgré, parents of Lily-Rose Depp and Jack, are relaxing in good times, probably for le bien-être de leur progéniture. After that, start over with life in your son cat. Today, the 51-year-old singer has a difficult situation in her relationship with a Hollywood star.

Among other celebrities, the couple enjoyed the charm of the south of France. In 2000 it was also Heureux Proprietaires d’19th century domaine, o Plan de la Tour, just a few kilometers from Saint-Tropez. And 12 years after the divorce, he expects more, that he will never part with this good real estate, because he rapports with us, fellow brothers in the world. Voicewill be sold on May 31, 2024.

They are domaine Provençal and toujours pas-trouvé-preneur.

EU “villages” Located in Var, it was originally sold for €23 million. D’Hylers, a great friend of Eva Green, tried in vain to take advantage of the chance in two reps. And yet, the Provençal domain a de nombreux atouts. Celui-ci a unites an area of ​​121,000 m2. Outre main housealso gets rid of six invited houses.

À cela s’ajoutent restaurant, chapel, studio, two swimming pools and one skate park. Without Oublier wine cave and gym. And if that’s not enough, property can be provided. des vignes et oliviers, qui s’étendent sur une quinzaine d’hectares. Mis en vente depuis plusieurs années, le bien n’a pourtant toujours pas trouvé d’acquéreur.

Vanessa Paradis: this is a radical decision to present the award

Despite the fact that Florent Pagny’s property has stalled on the market after more than 10 years, the former Florent Pagny has become the winner of a radical solution. You “villages” Today there is more of it on sale, but at a much lower price than at the premiere. Desormais, the future owner can gain access “seulement” 13 million euros. Une aubaine à saisir…

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