Should sales of Wallapop be included on my 2023 tax return?

What you are offering for sale Wallapop, Vinted or eBay It’s public, but until now, unless an organization asked, what you managed to sell remained between you and the platform. However, the rules have changed and as of January 1, 2024, platforms must communicate with Tax authorities data of sellers who sell goods or provide services in excess of the limits set in Directive 2021/514, better known as the European Directive DAC7. Thus, rent received from the sale will be reported to Tax agency.

As a result of the January 1, 2024 rule change, these changes will not apply to the 2023 Earnings, which are carried out under the 2024 campaign. Tax agencybut will be reflected in delivery next year, 2025. Thus, in take out draft incomeAll sales of used goods occurring during 2023 will not be recorded as capital gains.

What data will Wallapop share with the Treasury?

Online shopping, selling and service platforms such as Airbnb will be required to report activities on their platform that include:

  • Rent real estate, including parking spaces.
  • Personal services.
  • Sale of goods.
  • Leasing of any vehicles.

As for the people who carry out this activity, the platform will have to collect seller datadetermine the accounts they receive payments into and how much they have earned, as well as the fees or taxes the platform charges the seller.

Data that will be sent to the Treasury includes:

  • Bank details.
  • Income received for each quarter.
  • The number of sales made in each quarter.
  • Fees, taxes and commissions imposed or withheld.

One of the new features of the DAC7 Directive is that it introduces due diligence concept for these platforms, which obliges the platforms to share this data in accordance with the rules already published by the Ministry of Finance.

This due diligence also puts the onus on Wallapop and other second-hand portals to verify the accuracy of the data they submit.

Which users will be affected? The new DAC7 rules do not affect all sales portal users. Platforms will only send information from those who meet the following conditions:

  • Be a resident of the European Union.
  • Having earned more than 2000 euros in a year.
  • Make 30 or more sales within a year.

Do I have to pay taxes if I sell items on Wallapop or Vinted?

Obligation to report income and movements on second-hand goods portals such as Vinted does not mean Without changes about how these transactions are taxed. Taxation on the purchase and sale of second-hand items remains the same.

This means that in most cases there is no need Payment of taxes for what you sell on Wallapop or eBay. The rules in this sense are very clear: you only need to pay taxes when there is a capital gain.

This income It is formed by the difference between the purchase price and the sale price. For example, if you buy a car for 2000 euros and sell it for 2800 euros, or if you buy a cell phone for 300 euros and sell it for 350 euros.

In this case, this benefit will be taxed within income from savings along with the rest of capital gains and losses at rates ranging from 19% to 28%.

If you don’t have earned moneyIt won’t be hereand pay taxes for these sales, although you will also not be able to classify them as capital losses. And this is it, understand Tax authorities that this loss of value is due to the passage of time.

For practical purposes, given what is sold on these platforms, few users will have to Payment of taxes with the current rules. This does not mean that if more than 30 transactions are carried out or more than 2000 euros are deposited, the platform will ask them to fill out their tax data with information that must be sent to the Treasury.

Another issue is that information has been sent about buyers who will theoretically be liable to pay Property Transfer Tax (ITP).

The board seeks greater control over transactions on platforms of this type. Based on the number of transactions, it is possible to identify profiles that carry out hidden, unannounced financial activities and the sale of counterfeit or stolen products.

So that you have a better understanding of who is most and who is least able to sell a new object given to them at a reduced price, but when a profile does this systematically, it is possible that its origin or quality is not what it should be. .

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