Show and scare

He PSG After the victory, he reached the 1/8 finals of the French Cup. 3:1 in favor of Brestattempted a comeback, but very hard tackle by Brassier on Mbappe, the Breton central defender was sent off the field, destroyed any hint of passing the round. The striker who scored the first goal of the game was scared, writhing in pain for several minutes, although he was able to complete the game without any visible problems. The Parisians reach the quarter-finals in another match in which they have gone from better to worse, with their minds on the match against Real Sociedad next week.

PSG didn’t need a great first half to lead at half-time, as they did so for the third time this season with the result level at 2-0 against Brest. Luis Enrique’s team began to suffer. Their feisty Ligue 1 third-placed opponents didn’t hesitate to put the French league leaders in trouble as they gradually lost. the stage fright that the Parc des Princes causes in all French teams.

Neighborhoods saved again Luis EnriqueAs usual. Brest lacked efficiencyas the Parisian stadium was silenced by Satriano’s thunderous strike that cleared the post. Donnarummaanother reason for PSG’s many triumphs, He then parried Magnetti’s extraordinary shot..

The difference in quality between both teams was determined by the first half referee. An error at the start of an excellently performing Brest brought the score 1:0 to Mbappe on the plate.. The Frenchman, overjoyed, did not forgive the goalkeeper. Then, with PSG waking up from sleep, Dembele produced a devastating change of pace to help Danilo.who played forward and apparently left the game ready for judgment. Mbappe was even able to deliver the finishing blow to Brest before the break.fired a left-footed shot that crashed into the woods and left Eric Roy’s team alive.

Ghosts of the past appeared in Paris. In this season PSG He saw his opponents, Brest, draw 2-0 in succession. In the second half, the Pirates reduced the deficit thanks to Mounier’s header.the striker with the best aerial game in Europe.

The scenario was identical to the scenario a week and a half ago, but Brassier’s Recklessness This was an obstacle to returning. The defender, who received a yellow card, stepped hard on the ankle of Mbappe, who writhed in pain for several minutes and caused alarm in Paris. just a week before the match against Real Sociedad. Brassier saw an exception, and fortunately for Luis Enrique, The striker was able to continue the game, although he was limping.. The recording, however, was not enough to accommodate a player who was hungry every minute, every second, every moment. At a discount when all the fish are sold, Mbappe, leaving two opponents, created a spectacular game, which was completed by Gonçalo Ramos. and this sent PSG to the quarter-finals of the French Cup.

Lyon, Nice, Strasbourg, Valenciennes and Le Puy-en-Velay reach the quarter-finals

He LyonHe GoodHe StrasbourgHe Valenciennes And Le Puy-en-Velaythe only surviving club from the National 2 (fourth category), this Wednesday qualified for the quarter-finals of the French Cup. after eliminating Lille, Montpellier, Le Havre, Saint-Priest and Laval, respectively. The first to secure their classification on Wednesday was Lyonwho, in their quest to win a title they had not won since the 2011/12 season, pulled off a hard-fought victory against Lille, one of the Ligue 1 teams that has the opportunity to compete in the Champions League next season. In the end, they won (2-1), and Cherki contributed to both goals.

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