Sienna Miller has been wearing these boho boots for over ten years

People say that Sienna Miller invented boho but it’s not true. It is also said that last summer he ended his hippy stage – not to repeat boho – to surrender to minimalism and it is not a lie but it is not a truth either. It’s the same kind of statement that has linked her name to Kate Moss’s for decades. Her style is similar without being identical and determining who copied whom is only achieved after checking her passport – who was born before? Well that-. However, Miller’s latest style is confirmation that true style icons are neither created nor destroyed, they only transform and in the process can sell you some boots suede like new when they are more than ten years old.

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At this point about saying that Sienna Miller is an icon of style, but the aforementioned boots speak for her. It is a beige suede fabric model with a lace-up closure from the Chloé firm that Miller has combined with pants paper bag and a signature sweater Sezane during his last walk through New York. A look that of course includes the most boho boots from Sienna’s wardrobe but whose result is 100% minimalist. The old Sienna mixed with the new.

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