Sihoo Doro S100, a high-end ergonomic chair that can be yours for 226 euros less as part of the launch offer.

Those who work for hours sitting at a desk in front of a screen know well how important it is to have good posture habits to take care of your body and perform properly. So, while sometimes buying a cheap desk chair may seem like a good idea a priori, it can end up being expensive in the long run (not just in an economic sense). If you’re concerned about these issues and are looking for a new ergonomic chair, you’re in luck. Prestigious brand sihu quit Doro S100 and does it with a discount, leaving it at 324 euros. We will tell you everything about her.

Xihu Doro S100

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Buy Sihoo Doro S100 at the best price.

Xihu 2
Xihu 2

This high quality ergonomic chair can be chosen in white or black and it will go on sale at an official price of 549.99 euros, but at the moment we can buy it for around 349.99 euros, which could be even less. In particular, 324 euros, and no less discount 226 euros as an introductory offer. To get it at this price we just need to add code XS10OFF when placing our order; With he we will receive an additional 10% discount. To the price, of course, you need to add the delivery cost, although it is only 10 euros.

Xihu Doro S100 As we say, this is a high-end ergonomic chair designed to be used as well as used. in a work environment as for those gamers who prefer less flashy or more subdued designs. It stands out for its original design, designed to further improve our posture.

For this it has an infinite number of settings, but above all it offers us double lumbar support adjustable and independent from the backrest.

Comes with mesh fabric trim to make the chair. most breathable possible on both the back and seat and has a base with 5 wheels. The seat swivels, and, as befits a chair with such characteristics, the backrest recliningup to 135°.

Xihu 3
Xihu 3

He backIn turn, it is also height adjustable (up to 7 cm), so that anyone between 1.50 and 1.90 cm tall, regardless of height, can find the perfect fit for themselves. He also has 4D armrestAdjustable in 4 directions and has a height of 7 cm.

But the possibilities of finding the perfect seat for us with this Doro S100 do not end there, since something unusual about this type of chair is to find a seat that allows you to change the depth relative to the backrestand this chair has the following adjustment: it allows the object to move forward up to 5 cm.

Xihu 4
Xihu 4

We will also not lack the ability to adjust the overall height of the chair, but as we said at the beginning, what makes it different is undoubtedly its two-piece lumbar supportmounted on springs and designed to perfectly adapt to the lower back.

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