Since the release of her last album, Rihanna has seen massive streaming success.

Alors qu’elle tease depuis plusieurs mois son grand retour en musique, Rihanna continues de faire d’énormes chiffres. Ojourduy, in the opening Barbadian singer’s biggest streaming scores.

Plus billions of streams in 2023

Alors qu’elle n’a plus sorti d’album depuis ANTIIn 2015, Rihanna teases me after the disc nameux mois la sortie de son prochain. On the last evening, a singer from three years old, who was still a child, Avait pulled off a great performance on the sidelines of the Super Bowl.. After all, a native of St. Michael Confiée à plusieurs repeats sur son grand retour en musique. This is in the context of what RiRi’s overall streaming output will show in 2023.

As I indicated FrenchRapUS south X, In 2023, Rihanna has amassed over ten million streams on download platforms. A grandiose performance representing the second plus big anniversary of history. Derrière Celle Taylor Swift (over 26 billion streams). An incredible success, despite the fact that Rihanna was just another project after a few years ago. He didn’t know that the singer’s performance at the Super Bowl helped bring him to this big performance.

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