Singapore Airlines | Fell 54 metres in 5 seconds: What the report says about the flight that had extreme turbulence and left one dead and dozens injured

Passengers of the troubled Singapore Airlines flight SQ321 hug each other at Singapore Changi Airport after the plane landed.

image Source, Getty Images

caption, The plane had to be diverted and made an emergency landing in Thailand.

  • Author, Thomas Mackintosh and Katy Austin
  • Role, BBC News

The first investigation into the severe turbulence that hit the Singapore Airlines flight last week showed the plane fell about 178 feet (54 meters) in 4.6 seconds.

One passenger was killed and dozens injured on Tuesday, May 21 London-Singapore flight faced turbulence myanmar and was diverted to Thailand,

Researchers in Singapore extracted information stored in the black boxes, which record flight data and sounds from the plane’s cockpit.

singapore airlines said it was cooperating with investigators and providing assistance to affected passengers and crew, including medical and hospital expenses, as well as “any additional assistance they may require”.

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