Singer Diego Gallardo, known as “Aire del Golfo”, died in the middle of a shooting in Guayaquil

(CNN Spanish) — Camille Gamarra, partner of Diego Gallardo, known in the artistic world as “Aire del Golfo”, confirmed the death of the singer through a publication on his Instagram account this Wednesday and admitted that his death in the midst of events was “a Like a hero”. Violent incidents occurred in Guayaquil on 9 January.

“You died like a hero to protect our son. Such a great love without measures is the only consolation for us. My children could not have had a better father than you,” Gamarra said in a message dedicated to the singer.

Gallardo was one of at least eight people killed in the Ecuadorian port city after Tuesday’s attacks, officials said at a news conference. The increase in violence led President Daniel Ngoboa to order an internal armed conflict.

Gamarra said, “If you looked at what we have left in music and culture, you would probably look at yourself with the same sense of pride that I always looked at you. Whenever you were on stage, you were always Will be worthy of my praise.”

National Assembly President Henri Kronfali announced on Wednesday that the composer would posthumously receive the title of national hero.

“Diego Gallardo lost his life while picking up his son from school. He is a hero, a gentleman, a hero of the country, and we must recognize that here in the National Assembly,” Kronfale said.

CNN is attempting to contact relevant authorities to confirm the cause of the artist’s death.

Miguel Ángel Lure, president of the Ecuadorian Professional Football League, mourned the death of the artist and confirmed through “husband, son, brother, grandson, everything first class. My wife’s cousin, my cousin.”

Ecuador’s Ministry of Culture and Heritage expressed its condolences to Gallardo’s family through a message, saying that the singer “left an important void in Ecuadorian music.”

The most popular songs in Aire del Golfo’s official Spotify list are “Mujer Pitahaya”, “However” and “De Pie”. According to her official description on the platform, the artist began being active in 2016 and her music was inspired by her hometown.

“Thank you for loving me without judging me and teaching me what free and eternal love is. We will always stand for our children and now your legacy,” Gamarra said in the message, along with photos of Gallardo and his family. “

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