Siri will soon get its biggest AI update ever and will be able to control your apps

Apple is preparing to release a new version of Siri that will have the ability to control the functions of applications installed on the iPhone. The new assistant will be powered by an advanced artificial intelligence (AI) system that could be supported by OpenAI technology and will debut with the launch of iOS 18, according to a new report from Bloomberg.

The report, signed by columnist Mark Gurman, details that The new algorithm will allow the voice assistant to control various characteristics of the interlocutor along the chain. application for the first time. Currently, the tool can perform broad individual commands, such as playing music lists or searching for information. Developers have a resource known as application intent making it easy to integrate Siri with specific features on your device. software. Users can use the Siri Shortcuts tool to manually create commands and activate certain features.

“The new system will go further by using artificial intelligence to analyze what people do on their devices and automatically activate features controlled by Siri. At first it will be limited to programs developed by Apple, but in the future the company plans to support hundreds of different teams,” explains Gurman.

Phone with iOS 18 icon and Apple logo behind
Apple WWDC24: Emoji AI-enhanced settings and features for iOS 18

The iPhone operating system update will be officially unveiled at the next Apple Worldwide Developers Conference 2024 on June 5th.

The new Siri update will be released in stages. When launched, the wizard will be able to perform simple tasks and execute one command at a time. You’ll be able to summarize articles, open documents, and move content around. At its most advanced stage it will respond to chained and cross-platform commands. “Users can ask Siri to summarize a recorded meeting and send it via SMS to a colleague in one request,” the report illustrates.

Apple would like iOS 18 to use an advanced artificial intelligence system to analyze and detect what users are doing in an app and automatically enable actions controlled by Siri. This change required an unprecedented adjustment in software a basic wizard that provides integration of large language models. Gurman emphasizes that this will be one of the hallmarks of the new generation of iOS, but warns that It will be officially available until 2025. It does not specify whether the technology behind this achievement was developed internally or by third parties.

OpenAI could be behind the most powerful version of Siri yet

Experts suggest that the new version of Siri will be based on OpenAI technology. Information In the middle of last year, it became known that Apple engineers were testing the ChatGPT API to optimize the operation of the voice assistant. Earlier this month in a report Bloomberg confirmed that both companies have entered into a collaboration agreement, and details of the alliance will be announced during the next Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), scheduled for June 7. Gurman notes that the Tim Cook-led company is still in talks about using its Gemini AI platform in the future.

Tim Cook, Apple CEO, has confirmed that his team is working on various applications of generative artificial intelligence. These features will be released to market “later this year,” the executive said. “We will continue to invest in these and other technologies that will shape the future. This includes artificial intelligence, which we spend a huge amount of time and effort on. “We are excited to share details of our ongoing work in this area later this year,” he said in a call with investors.

Sales Hardware Apple fell sharply in its fiscal second quarter. They fell from $73.93 billion to $66.89 billion. The number of shipments to the iPhone market decreased by 10.5%. iPad sales fell 17% and wearable devices, home goods and accessories were down 10%. Mac was the only category to report slight growth of 4%. Analysts note that the slow adoption of innovations and artificial intelligence solutions could impact the unit’s performance.

Cook suggested that this prospect of low innovation would end in the coming weeks. “Generative AI is a core capability across all of our products. We believe in the transformative power and promise of this technology. Seamless integration Hardware, software and services in the Apple ecosystem, offers benefits that will differentiate us in this new era.”

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