Sito Alonso’s words after the defeat to UCAM Murcia in the third match

Alonso website appeared at a press conference after the defeat of UCAM Murcia in the third match of the series against Unicaja Málaga from from 66 to 74. In this match, the Murcians got their first chance to reach the finals of the Endesa League.

These were the words of Sito Alonso:

“Assessing a match is quite simple. Firstly, before talking about the game, I want to say that although I had imagined or dreamed about it, achieving this atmosphere in the Palacio de los Deportes when I arrived 5 years ago and delivering so many things exceeded my expectations. This atmosphere influenced us even when we entered the field, in every action, winning, losing, leading at the start with a score of 0-18. We are one game away from the Endesa League final and the truth is it has been fantastic. Very surprised and very grateful because this is more important than winning or losing the game. Getting this identification from people is vital.

Our first 4-5 minutes decided everything. Even if you’re behind, you start with a normal score… but 0-18 is impressive. This has never happened to me in my professional career and I have never seen such disappointment from the players because they started the game so poorly and how they were encouraged. We won the last quarter 22-9, even that ball we lost with 3-4 minutes left when we had up to 8 to get into 5 or 6, it would have been great to see how they would have reacted if we would be on the field. .

As I said on the first day in Valencia, this is the play-offs, this is a best-of-three game and we were lucky to draw 1-2 and have a great opportunity to play at Palace again. Considering what we did today, 18 lost games, missed shots… I am convinced that we will achieve more and that the opponent will suffer much more, not forgetting that this is Unicaja Malaga, the best team in the regular league, champion of the BCL, which denied us the opportunity to play in the final, and this is a team that we need to do is make them suffer. We will receive it here or the next day. We have 3 opportunities to reach the finals of the Endesa League. We don’t have to be happy because we like to win, but by doing almost everything wrong we got within 5 again with 4 minutes left. You have to stay with it.

We may not be used to living in this moment and we will have to admit it. We were caught off guard when we were leading 2-0 and there were 7,500 people paying in the stands and not paying on Monday. I think it caught us off guard and we failed at the rim, the shot, the front three-pointer… That’s normal, what we can’t do is react negatively to it, which is what threw us off guard defensively. Only the first one worries me, the rest is normal. Taking away the sense of surprise made the start of the game very difficult for us. I’m very proud of many of the reactions, even though we had the worst numbers of players and teams we’ve had all year. The team is special and continues to prove it to me.

You had so many things on your mind that judging was the last thing on your mind. Like other times, I can say… at first there were some things that I didn’t understand about contacts, but then they resolved both of them and made good arbitration. I can’t waste time on them because I think there are other things more important than judges. They are used to booing in semi-finals.

The mind transcends the physical. Today the mind has given way to the physical, but on Monday it will again surpass, I am convinced. Seeing their faces, seeing them meet, what they talk about… They are the most important thing, and that’s what brought us here. Nothing else is needed, they will mentally pull themselves together and overcome whatever happens on Monday or Wednesday.

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