Six arrested for planning pro-Palestinian action against London Stock Exchange

Madrid (EP). London’s Metropolitan Police have reported the arrest of six people who are preparing to take action against the London Stock Exchange In protest against the Israeli military attack in the Gaza Strip. The detainees may have belonged to the Palestinian Action Group and may have planned to block access to the London Stock Exchange to prevent the trading session from opening this Monday, BBC public television reports.

,YesWith major arrests. We believe this group was prepared to carry out a harmful action that, if successfully executed, could have serious consequences.“, said Detective Superintendent Sian Thomas, a police spokesman. The arrests also took place this Sunday in London as well as Liverpool and Brighton. Six people are still in custody.

The man arrested in Liverpool is a 31-year-old man charged with conspiracy to cause criminal damage to Merseyside Police officers. Five other suspects are also charged with the same crime. She is a 29-year-old woman from Brent, North London; A 23-year-old man from Tower Hamlets, east London; Two men, aged 28 and 26, from Liverpool and a 27-year-old man from Brighton.

Scotland Yard revealed that the action was part of a wider series of activism throughout the week to condemn the situation in the Gaza Strip., These arrests were made thanks to information provided by the ‘Daily Express’ newspaper. “Thank you to ‘Express’ for its willingness to provide information as a result of its investigation,” Thomas said. “It has been crucial in helping us intervene successfully. We received the material on Friday afternoon, so we had limited time,” he said.

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