Sixto Fernández also did not believe the theory of the David Ortiz case

Sixto David Fernandezwho in the theory of the case of Public ministry was the target of the attack in which he was injured David Ortizstated that he never believed the version that he was the person whom the assassinsand according to his lawyer, Jose Rafael Arizato this day he maintains that position.

Given the little faith in the case, Sixto David Fernandez He withdrew from the complaint that he had filed as a victim of the event.

Lawyer Ariza assures that, although he does not know in detail the research made at the request of David Ortizbelieves that it will not affect the process that exists in the courts for which the 13 alleged perpetrators of the attack are being held.

He suggested that the Public ministry should be oriented to find what is the element that establishes the link between Caesar the Abuser with the material authors. He understands that with that element they could open a research that will not affect the processes that are already in court.

“It will not affect the process because what is appearing now is an alleged mastermind. Anyway, he (Caesar the Abuser) will never be the perpetrator because the perpetrators are under arrest. So, what you have to look for is the direct link between such Caesar the Abuser and the material authors. That is what they have to look for. If he Public ministry manages to find that, either by one’s confession, by material or scientific evidence, then obviously that new case will be added, “explained the lawyer.

the ex-player David Ortiz was shot in the back on the night of Sunday, June 9, 2019 at the Dial Bar in Santo Domingo Este, when he shared with Jhoel López Durán, Sixto David Fernandez Vásquez and Odalis Pérez (Secret), among other people.

The investigations of the Attorney General’s Office revealed that it was a mistake, since supposedly David Ortiz was not the “target” of the contract killing, but was another suspected drug trafficker (Sixto David Fernandez / El Modelo), who was at the bar that night.

Research private

However, last Saturday the results of a research made at the request of David Ortizin which a new angle of the facts is established, since it says that Cesar the Abuser had Ortiz killed that Sunday night.

How are the cases?

for the attack on David Ortiz in the Dial Bar of Santo Domingo Este, there are 13 people facing a substantive trial. They are Franklin Junior Meran (Rubirosa), Víctor Hugo Gómez Vásquez, Junior Cesar La Hoz Vargas, Alberto Miguel Rodríguez Mota, Rolfi Ferreras Cruz or Ramón Martínez Pérez (Rolfi); Oliver Moisés Mirabal, Joel Rodríguez de la Cruz (Calamardo), Porfirio Ayendi Dechamps Vásquez (Nene), Reynaldo Rodríguez Valenzuela (El Chino), Carlos Rafael Álvarez Pérez (Carlos Nike), Gabriel Alexander Pérez Vizcaíno (Hueso) José Eduardo Ciprián Lebrón ( Chuky) Lanny Estephanie Pérez Reyes and Eddy Vladimir Féliz García.

As a result of the attack, the money laundering network was also uncovered. Caesar the Abuser. A case for which there are about 20 defendants in a preliminary trial that is taking place in the Second Investigating Court of the National District and that the Public ministry has driven stealthily.

Prosecutor maintains its version

The Santo Domingo Este Prosecutor’s Office clings to its theory of the case. They point out that Sixto David Fernández was the target of the attack ordered by the accused Víctor Hugo Gómez, supposedly because he had betrayed him at a time when he was arrested for a drug shipment. Being arrested in the country, in July 2019, Katy Man took the opportunity to record a video in which she also accused Sixto David Fernández of being involved in “shady deals.” The case is still in court with the 13 detainees against whom they ask for sentences of up to 30 years in prison.

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