Slow down aging and reduce swelling with these healthy foods

Slow down aging and reduce swelling with this superfood.S.D.

You’ve probably heard about That superfoods. And they can be increasingly found in our daily lives. These are healthy foods for our body as they are a source of vitamins and minerals and also contain a number of specific properties that make them truly beneficial to include in our diet. Although some help lose weightothers are responsible for the prevention of various diseases. We find superfoods in almost all food groups, although It is more common in various fruits or vegetables, which are very easy to prepare and combine with other foods in our diet.


Some of them we know because they are part of our daily lives, such as bananas and yogurt, but there are others that are not so well known. We are talking aboutstrawberry tree, a very unknown fruit but with important properties and, in addition, the season here falls on the autumn months. It is an exotic superfood, also known as kamururu or kanime. It is an edible, fleshy berry that turns bright red when ripe. It has a somewhat bittersweet taste and juicy flesh.

They are harvested between October and December and contain sugar and fiber. and some acids that they share with other foods such as onions or cherries. Plus, it has many benefits that make it a superfood. First of all, It slows down aging because it is rich in antioxidants and promotes good tissue health in our body.

It has diuretic properties that help eliminate toxins and eliminate bloating.

Another benefit is that it has diuretic properties, which help flush out toxins and prevent the bloating that can sometimes be so annoying. To this we must add that it provides energy, so consuming strawberry trees is a very good choice to fight fatigue or recover after a workout.

Other Alternatives

He is also unknown Gomasio. This seasoning Japanese origin created from Sesame seeds and sea salt can add energy and flavor to our dishes.. Although this may seem false, the large amount of calcium in it completely replaces cow’s milk itself and the Omega-3 and Omega-6 fats it contains. They protect us from cardiovascular diseases and cleanse the arteries. Moreover, taking it can help us avoid constipation and in the case of adults delay aging due to vitamin E content and improve our sleep.

Continuing with them without a doubt Curry takes the crown for helping us take better and better care of ourselves. This species, especially used in Indian and Asian cuisine, has numerous nutritional benefits. First of all, it helps improve digestion, improve intestinal transit and avoid constipation. In addition, its antioxidants slow down the aging of the skin and its organisms.

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