Smartsocks, socks for relaxation of Alzheimer’s patients

Bristol Company, Milboticsand a company engaged in consulting, software development and highly complex applications, UnimediaTechnologyjointly developed “SmartSox”an innovative and innovative solution to help people with neurocognitive disorders.

These smart sockscreated with funding from more than 600,000 eurosthanks to investors such as British DesignFund and Two Magnolias Venture Capital, among others, can track stress and alert caregivers of a patient with Alzheimer’s disease when he or she begins an attack.

“SmartSocks” were designed with careful planning, starting with the idea that the item was a sock rather than, for example, a wrist band or smartwatch, which are more common. The technologists’ idea is based on the fact that, unlike already used items, socks are familiar items to the patient and are therefore less likely to be removed by the patient, leading to widespread adoption of the device. avoidance of failure unlike other portable monitoring systems.

These devices work by using a series of sensors implanted into the fabric of the sock, capable of measuring heart rate, sweat, temperature and movement. Using a wireless connection, SmartSocks provide real-time information about the user’s condition through an app, alerting caregivers when verbal communication is difficult or anxiety episodes are unexpected.

Alerts caregivers when verbal communication is difficult

During such an episode, patients may feel agitated, restless, and need to move or walk from one side to the other. With this new technology, the person responsible for caring for the person can be alerted and anticipate such situations.

Currently, according to the Spanish Society of Neurology (SEN), about 800,000 people suffer from Alzheimer’s disease in Spain, and it is estimated that by 2050 there will be about one million cases of dementia. People living with this condition often have difficulty communicating and, as a result, become agitated and tense when they are unable to express their needs. In extreme cases, they become violent and harm themselves, their families and caregivers. In this situation, these socks are presented as New Hope to better manage these stressful events for both the patient and others.

“This will improve the lives of many patients and increase their independence, allowing them to live at home longer.”

Jaume VidalCEO of UnimediaTechnology, stated: “We are thrilled to provide technological expertise and assistance to enable Milbotix to develop this innovative product that will undoubtedly improve the lives of many patients and promote their independence, allowing them to live at home longer. Together with Milbotix, we were able to solve the main technological problems of SmartSocks, resulting in the creation of the most innovative solution.”

Company Unimedia played a key role in the development process of these “SmartSocks”, using artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, AWS and other advanced technologies to create these applications, processing data on a large scale, developing real-time monitoring and providing caregivers with an effective tool to ensure well-being of people.

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