SMITE 2 Announced as MOBA Sequel Coming to PS5, Xbox Series and PC

The sequel to SMITE aims to be the easiest MOBA to start playing.

SMITE 2 Announced as MOBA Sequel Coming to PS5, Xbox Series and PC
SMITE 2 announced without release date

Hi-Rez Studios announced SMITH 2, a sequel to Titan Forge Games’ MOBA that will bring online combat to PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, and PC (via Steam and Epic Games Store). Although the game does not have a release date, registration for the alpha test is open.

WITH Unreal Engine 5 as a graphics engine, the game will allow you to choose a God from all mythology and display unique divine abilities. Throwing lightning like Zeus, mastering the secret powers of death like Anubis, or stabbing enemies in the back like Loki will be some of the possible actions in the sequel.

SMITE 2 promises to be the only game in its genre that offers equal combat and combines the deep strategy that can only be found in games. MOBA 5v5. “Feel the power of every shot, sneak up on your enemies and combine abilities with your teammates to defeat the enemy Titan.“, says the game description.

SMITE’s success

SMITE was one of the few games that could stand up to League of Legends thanks to its 40 million players. Now experience a new generation of MOBA action with breathtaking visuals powered by a new graphics engine, more immersive combat and new creative gameplay options that give the game its form.

The sequel is intended to be “the easiest MOBA you can start playing” thanks to its unique features such as auto-creation and auto-leveling to focus on combat. However, the game will feature all the depth of the genre, allowing you to find your own path to victory through item crafting, map control, tactical skill, or simply outsmarting your enemies.

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