SNAI confirmed the escape of Colon Pico and recaptured 12 escaped prisoners in Riobamba. News |

After knowing for several hours about Colon Pico’s escape, SNAI, the unit in charge of the management of prisons, confirmed the news this Tuesday at around 11:00.

SNAI indicated that violent incidents were recorded between police personnel and prisoners in the early hours of this Tuesday, January 9.

After that incident, SNAI indicated that Colón Pico escaped from containment along with other prisoners.

The entity did not specify how many escaped. But according to the police report, information was received about the escape of 39 people deprived of liberty (PPL) from Riobamba Social Rehabilitation Centre.

SNAI has only confirmed that twelve prisoners have been recaptured.

Fabricio Colón Pico Suárez was accused of allegedly planning the attack against Attorney General Diana Salazar. But last Saturday he was arrested in another case.

It was reported that the actions taken include directing the DNPJ (Directorate of National Police Investigation) to prepare an alert; as well as UCTCI (Anti-Trafficking for Internal Consumption Unit) and UNACE (Anti-Kidnapping and Extortion Unit) to resume investigative activity in the properties. Alert migration units so that better control can be done.

Vehicle explosion in Riobamba, escape of prisoners and release of guides

The police document reported that the transfer of Fabricio Colón Pico Suárez caused riots in most CRSs (social rehabilitation centers) across the country.

It states that in order to comply with the provision, inter-institutional coordination was carried out with the Armed Forces, the Director of CRS Riobamba, the Fire Department, with whom task forces were formed to enter, but the operation was not carried out. While delivering they were attacked using explosive materials (dynamite), firearms and stones.

For this reason, the police and army commanders proceeded to request provisions, ordering that they not enter and that they proceed to place them in a safe place. The army personnel retreated, leaving only one block of police personnel around the CRS, 20 army personnel returned.

Ecuador on alert: blasts, explosions and kidnapping of police after state of emergency

Then, at 10:45 pm, explosions of explosives and firearms were heard. There they escaped through the rear of CRS Riobamba, specifically through the checkpoint.

In Riobamba, on Mexico and Pichincha streets, a car bomb exploded, which is being investigated by police officers. (yo)

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