So Angelina Jolie wanted to blame ex-husband Brad Pitt

First Hollywood dream couple, now permanent quarrels … Angelina Jolie (47) and Brad Pitt (58) have been in court for years. And there is not any end in sight. Jolie’s lawyers are said to have even ambushed her ex at an awards ceremony!

They write THE love story: In 2004, the former Hollywood dream couple met while filming the action flick “Mr. and Mrs. Smith”. Ten years later, they finally tied the knot at their winery in Provence, France. That’s the least war of the plan. Then in 2016 the shock: Jolie filed for divorce. Since then, worries about a rose war.

Still one of the big points of contention between the two: is their once common winery Château Miraval.

According to Page Six, Jolie’s lawyers are desperate to serve the actor with a direct subpoena. Apparently, they didn’t mind publicly embarrassing him and ambushed Pitt at the end of February 2022 both the SAG Awards.

Brad was honored as the best supporting actor in Los Angeles at this film and television awards gala. That’s why it was assumed that the 58-year-old would appear on the red carpet again this time! But puff cake.

The actor decided not to attend the event. Probably because he wasn’t nominated that year. At least there unknowingly avoided a possible embarrassment.

According to an insider, the lawyers didn’t exactly have an easy time serving Brad Pitt with the papers. And that although it would actually be his duty to answer the court’s requirements.

Out of desperation, the lawyers were therefore forced to wait for the actor in public. Both the SAG Awards according to them don’t.

It’s all about this former love nest of the two: the Château Miraval winery in Provence. Pitt has even received several awards for his wines Photo: picture alliance/abaca


► A next attempt should then be started at the famous Oscars in March. However, Jolie’s lawyers are said to have previously backed down, become von Pitt’s own lawyers abstain. Brad himself didn’t even show up at the awards ceremony. In the end, the court papers probably reached him by the classic, less dramatic, postal route.

The dispute over the Château Miraval winery has not yet been resolved

The dispute over the Château Miraval winery is not the only color. Heavy, Brad Pitt filed a lawsuit against ex-Angelina in February for disguising her stake in Russian oligarch Yuri Shefler without collusion. But things are looking better for Jolie at the moment.

A Los Angeles judge recently ruled that Brad Pitt had to hand over winery business records to his ex. So far there hated very much to hold them back, that there could be reluctant to hand over the reins of the winery.

But even if that is clarified, there will certainly be a new point of contention…

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