Sofía Rivera Torres sets fire to the web with Emily Ratajkowski’s bikini

Sofia Rivera Torres and her husband Eduardo Videgaray They spent a fantastic vacation in Bermuda, a British territory located in the North Atlantic Ocean whose pink sand beaches are world famous. The television host shared her entire experience, almost from her arrival, with her admirers, to whom she narrated the beauty of that tourist place.

sofia rivera torres eduardo videgaray bikini beach shorts

Upon his return to Mexico, Sofia Rivera Torres29, published some images that were pending in her photo gallery and one of them was the one that snatched all the attention, because the model is also seen posing supersexy -as is her custom- with a mini bikini from the firm Inamorata, belonging to the pretty Emily Ratajkowski.

emily ratajkowski bikini beach

“Wide angle is my friend. Wide angle is your friend. Wide angle is our friend,” he wrote. Sofia Rivera Torres at the bottom of the photo whose authorship is Eduardo Videgaraywho replied: “World’s top model!”, rectifying that he is the number one admirer of the popular television host.

emily ratajkowski bikini sofia rivera

Emily Ratajkowski’s swimwear line is characterized by its striking colors and daring cuts to highlight feminine beauty at all times. “Inamorata Woman” was born in 2017 and since then it has become a great option for those who go on vacation and like to gild their skin under intense sunlight.

“What an editorial swimsuit”, “What a beautiful woman” and “Beautiful siren” are part of the dozens of compliments received by Sofía, who participates in the telenovela “Si Nos Dejan”.

The bikini model that Sofía Rivera Torres uses is called ‘The Waves’ and it costs 1,900 Mexican pesos.

immorata bikini

(Screenshot ImmorataWoman.com)

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