Someone designed the giant Apple Vision Pro box almost a year before its launch. He was dangerously right about almost everything.

It ran for seven days and the result was almost identical to the final Apple Vision Pro package.

MacRumors writes that the Apple Vision Pro box is huge and can fit up to three viewers inside. What is the real reason? We are not sure. But, ironically, there is a user on the Internet who, while trying to design what an Apple glasses box would be like, is giving us clues about these reasons. His name is Joshua Duarte and he spent a full week conceptualizing the final packaging of the Apple Vision Pro and the result is almost identical to the final packaging.

Why should you be interested in a simple box? For many reasons. What’s the first thing you see before launching a product? More precisely, its packaging. A whole stream of audiovisual “content” revolves around it: the pleasure of novelty, unpacking and even breaking the box containing the promise. Let them tell their nearly ten million subscribers that the YouTuber has The Relaxing End.

The original Apple Vision Pro box is huge.

“Like twice the size of an Apple Mac Studio box.” That’s how powerful the Vision Pro box is. There’s not much in it either: a quick start guide, two head straps for measuring, a double Loop Band, two “Light Seal” pads that go on each side. , a case, an external battery, a USB-C charging cable, the vaunted 30W power adapter, a cloth for cleaning the viewfinder, and the Apple Vision Pro itself.

The final sizes of Apple glasses are currently unknown, and there are still a few hours left before the first reserved models are delivered. But the user who created this render has clear numbers at hand: Length 308 mm, width 248 mm, height 168 mm, weight 2346 kg.. Very accurate numbers.

The said user spent seven days developing a packaging concept for Apple glasses. The first day was dedicated to understanding how we would interact with the packaging itself, what the design and production of the product would involve, 3D modeling each element, each part of said glasses, and modeling all components using a realistic scale.

After much research, choosing components, colors, textures, defining every little detail, he spent an entire day trying to replicate Apple’s style, that obsession with detail, that meticulous objectification. taking into account sustainability and Apple’s own competitors such as the Meta Quest 2.

He worked to imitate the surface layers and asymmetrical style of the cardboard that the product sits on, screen protectors, making various adjustments and refining the concept in line with Apple’s usual dynamics. AND The result is stunning: it is 100% identical to the photo of the box published by MacRumors.

As you can see from the article, the modeling, tolerance analysis, and all the analysis before and after this project are well worth a job within Apple’s ranks. For example, to estimate weight, the average density of products was taken into account: 1100 grams for accessories and the rest is an estimate without even watching the latest video produced by Vision Pro. With a density of 0.52 g/cm^3, the user calculated that the total weight of the package was 2346 kg. Finally, he animated the unboxing process into a truly complete GIF.

It is known that Steve Jobs had a team dedicated exclusively to opening boxes. Attention to detail starts here. AND Inside each box is much more than the item we paid for.: Reflects the passion we have put into this new acquisition. The illusion we maintain: We’re crazy about launching our own Vision Pro.

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