“something happened, I don’t know if from outside or inside, but it happened”

Hard statements for the level that his players showed in the duel that Atlético lost 1-3 against Llaneros, for the promotion tournament, was given by coach Giovanni Hernández.

The helmsman assured that “something happened… I don’t know if from outside or from inside, but something happened,” Hernández said about the performance of his players in that commitment.

Atlético lost at home 1-3 against Llaneros, according to Hernández, with a strange level of their leadership.

“I’m looking to see what happened, this is not my team, something happened, I don’t know if it was outside or inside, you know what I mean,” he said.

He added that “Let’s be honest, I’ve been a good loser, I always go out, shake hands and show my face because this is football, it’s brave, but something happened today… You know what I mean, there are something that has hurt football, you are not silly journalists, there is something that has hurt football,” said the Atlético coach.

Jerson’s reply
What Hernández said, who pointed to his players, did not go unnoticed in Llaneros, a team that was criticized for its “suspicious” promotion after beating Unión Magdalena last year in the decisive duel.

Jersson González, coach and former teammate of Hernández in America and Selection, defended his team.

“I have not spoken (with Giovanni), we have not touched on the subject but I plan to do so, I will call him and talk to him, we are very good friends, we have known each other since we were 14 years old, but I must make this clear because this club (Llaneros), It is very transparent in every way,” González said on Espn.

He stated that “The problem that happened in December (the strange victory over the Union) left us beaten, there was no taste that Llaneros was in that problem; but after arriving here I have realized that it has been transparent; even one thinks about it, but being here one realizes that it is different”, he expressed.

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