Sony announces which PlayStation Plus Essential games will be free in March 2024

Formula 1, worthy fights old boy, one of the best first-person shooter campaigns in years and a sequel to the viral horror title. Sony Interactive Entertainment announced four games for PS5 and PS4, which are subscribers PlayStation Plus Essential (as well as Extra and Premium) from 5th of March 2024. These are the following:

The first one, F1 23, needs a little introduction. He driving simulator from EA Sports, developed by Codemasters veterans, features updated 2023 cars, as well as 20 drivers and 10 teams for the season. In addition to traditional races and championships, it has dramatic Scene mode “Braking point”improvements in F2 mode, create your own team mode and much more. local and online multiplayer options.

Sifuwhich has already leaked online, has become one of the surprises of 2021. Intense action that makes you feel like the protagonist of the best martial arts moviess, with exquisite controls, a very original structure and exciting final bosses. In its turn, Hello neighbor 2 this is the name terror and secrecy which encourages players to discover secrets hidden in their neighbor’s house while escaping from him.

Finally, the expansion Witch Queen belonging marauder shooter from Bungie – the best content the company offers Halo published several years ago. His campaign, which can be overcome by two difficulties, suggests Varied confrontations, tense bosses and situations bordering on terror..

Players The final You can buy a cosmetic package

In addition to these games, PS Plus subscribers will be able to access an exclusive cosmetic pack for The finalfree shooter from Embark Studios: 2 epic costumes and 12 epic weapon skins.. As a reminder, February PS Plus Essential titles can be redeemed until March 4th.

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