“Sony didn’t want to fund Days Gone 2.” Game director reveals the million PlayStation will spend on Bend Studio’s next game, Days Gone

Jeff Ross Says Days Gone Sequel Would Cost $150 Million, But Bend Studio’s Next Game Will Be Significantly More Expensive

Remember Days Gone? Perhaps yes, because many players liked this game, although post-apocalyptic open world It debuted with many performance issues on PS4. Although many players hope that one day it will be released, Days Gone 2 will never happen because Sony doesn’t want to. This was hinted at by Jeff Ross, director of Days Gone, who explicitly states this in a PlayStation post.

Days Gone director Jeff Ross took to his social media to respond to the user who asked the question. what Bend Studio is working on Now. Perhaps it new IP, but Ross’ response went further and revealed the millions Sony spent on Bend Studio’s next game. “Whatever it is, At least $250 million was spent on this.“, points out the former director of the Sony-owned studio.

He then reveals how much it would cost to develop a post-apocalyptic open world sequel starring Deacon Saint John. “I’m not a businessman, but this is crazy considering that Sony did not want to finance the continuation of Days Gone for a modest price of 150 million dollars (crazy, to be honest),” he notes. In a later tweet, he says that “we had the desire to make a sequel, but it soon ended,” especially after Shawn Layden left PlayStation.

Although Jeff Ross says Bend Studio’s next game will cost $250 million, I could be wrong since he left the studio in 2020. So he may not have the numbers on hand, but he may also have contacts inside the studio.

What do we know about Bend Studio’s next game?

In recent months, it has been revealed that Bend Studio’s next game is open world, and this could be a game as a service, taking into account the details of the job offer. It seems that the next game after DG will not be released in 2024 and it is obvious that there will be no sequel, but it has been known for a year now that Sony is releasing a film Days Gone, which already has a screenwriter and a main character.

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