Sony has set three goals to achieve over the next 3 years with PlayStation – PlayStation 5

More details about this strategy will be announced at Sony’s corporate meeting on May 23.

Everything indicates that Major changes are coming to PlayStation. For several days now, it has become known who will become the new heads of PlayStation after the departure of Jim Ryan from the post of the previous CEO of Sony’s gaming division. Hermen Hulst and Hideaki Nishino will lead PlayStation, the first will oversee all third-party PlayStation studios.and the second will be responsible for services, equipment, relations with third-party studios, etc.

In the coming days and at the end of the month, the strategy that PlayStation will implement will become known in more detail. However, they already know three goals what Sony needs to accomplish for its video games division in the medium term thanks to a slide (via Genki_JPN) that was shown in its financial report for the last fiscal year. Below we will tell you what PlayStation intends to achieve in the next three years.

The first one is expand PS5 player baseand we just talked to you about this yesterday in a post about the important task that Sony sets for the PlayStation 5, because it must convince half of its users who still play on PS4 of 118 million active PSN users. The second goal is to “offer richer gaming experience“, which could be achieved with its own PlayStation Studios, but it must be said that this will not happen until March 2025, since Sony will not launch games from any of its own major franchises in the current financial year.

More details will be announced at Sony’s corporate strategy meeting on May 23.

Sony will put more effort into PCs

Sony’s third goal is to provide improvement of own software (native games), as well as when they are deployed on PC. Therefore we can expect more PlayStation exclusive releases for PC on a more regular basis. Moreover, we recently reported that Ghost of Tsushima surpassed Spider-Man and became perhaps the best debut of the first Sony game on Steam, ahead of only God of War.

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