Sony is returning money to those who reserved The Last of Us 2 Remastered with the original

If you have the original version The Last of Us Part 2 for PS4 you can buy the new PS5 remaster by paying an upgrade 10 eurosbut it seems that there are players who either did not find out about the promotion or made a mistake when purchasing the game: some people reserved The Last of Us Update Part 2″ pay full price.

Sony understood this and they automatically refund the money to all those people who, having the PS4 version, were able to reserve the game for PS5 at full price as a “gesture of goodwill.” Thus, users will be able to take advantage of the promotion on the day the game launches (that is, today). saving booking bonusesTo.

Our opinion about The Last of Us 2 Update

IN Vandal We’ve already tested this remastering to tell you in our analysis that “the graphical leap The Last of Us Part 2 Update Compared to what was seen on PS4, it may not be too big, but there is no doubt that it is. the best version to relive or discover for the first time one of the best games of recent years. The main value of the remastering lies not so much in its technical improvements (that too), but in the additions, where there are very interesting director’s comments, discarded levels or Exciting and superb No Return mode“.

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