Soriana Multiple Sclerosis Association celebrates eight years of life

Two days ago, May 30, World Multiple Sclerosis Day. In Soria, the anniversary was celebrated under the motto “My diagnosis of multiple sclerosis” and the slogan “Together we overcome multiple sclerosis.” The events took place in the Plaza de las Mujeres with the installation Information table which resulted in the spread of some pastoral babes with the aim of give an idea about this disease. Everything is under the auspices Soriana Multiple Sclerosis Association (Asoem) personalized according to your figure the president, Juan Perezfounder of the group.

Currently, some 120 participants, of which about 65 people were injured” explains Perez, pointing out that “the group was founded in February 2016 “So he already has eight years of experience.”

Multiple sclerosis (MS), Perez explains, “is autoimmune, chronic and degenerative diseases A central nervous system characterized by progressive loss of myelin, causing intermittent or even permanent interruption of nerve impulses. Mostly Diagnosed in young people from 20 to 40 years old.existence more common in women than in men because, Perez points out, “three out of every four diagnoses are women.”

The President and Founder of Asoem indicates that in his case he had first outbreak at age 33. “At night I usually go to bed, and the next day when I get up, I notice a tingling sensation in my arms and When I try to put my foot into the sneakers, I can’t.“I don’t coordinate.” After this outbreak there was another second next year. From there “they performed lumbar puncture and I was diagnosed. From then until now it turned 63 years old“I didn’t have any more outbreaks, but what you lose cannot be returned, and gradually the disease progresses.“There are injuries.” However, the disease “allowed me to live a normal life for quite a long time.” In fact, he states: “He was an athlete and practiced judo., and I was able to continue my studies until 2002. “When I was 56 years old, I retired on disability,” he notes.

Create an association in Soria was part therapy for him. “I am being treated in Soria and in the Val d’Hebron hospital in Barcelona. There psychologistduring one of the visits i was having problems with my memory and when i was stuck pronouncing words he told me that It would be very good for me to contact the victims’ association. However, I arrived in Soria and there was nothing like that. I went to Burgos from where from the Burgos group They inspired me to found Sorianahow I did it. Since then eight years have passed of those who feeland very proud because “the association holds events, seminars, negotiations… It serves a guide for patients and their families” At this stage, the work of family members as “caregivers and points of support, they are necessary” is highlighted.

Concerning careJuan points out that in the 30 years he has lived with this disease “Medicines have come a long way”. He realizes that now “this disease is incurable, but medicines serve to stop the disease, which is not fatal,” remembering that this disease Although it is sclerosis, it is not ALS. “with which you very quickly fall into a tailspin after diagnosis.”

From now on Juan Perez extremely optimistic. “This disease represents a change in your life, that’s obvious, but my lifestyle remains the same. Life is wonderful and you should make the most of it.“, he assures.

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