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Olympic medalists Katherine Echandía, Julio Mayora and Keydomar Vallenilla lead the national team that will defend the colors of Venezuela in the twelfth edition of the Asunción 2022 South American Sports Games, which will be inaugurated this Saturday, October 1, and will include the participation of more than 7,000 (7 thousand) athletes from 15 nations in the region.

«We have a selected hybrid, with great experience with our Olympic medalists Julio Mayora and Keydomar Vallenilla, as well as Katherine Echandía, Johan Sanguino, Génesis Rodríguez and Darwin Castro. As in this edition only one medal will be distributed, which will be in Total, we consider that from now on we can count on the gold medal for Mayora, and the silver one with the others. Our aspirations are to return with about nine (9) medals, between gold, silver and bronze. The biggest rival that Venezuela will have will be Colombia, because of all the work that they have been able to carry out, without problems, while we have had to face many difficulties due to the blockade and the sanctions against the country, but we are convinced that once again we will be able to fulfill our beautiful nation,” said Luis Seijas, president of the Venezuelan Weightlifting Federation (FVLP).

Julio Mayora and Keydomar Vallenilla won bronze medals at the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games, while Katherine Echandía won gold at the 2018 Buenos Aires Youth Olympic Games; They have also excelled in Bolivarian, South American, Pan American and World Games.

He also gave a lot of credit to the new values ​​that with great pride and courage earned a place in the national team to represent the country on Paraguayan soil and will do everything humanly possible to put the name of Venezuela on high.

The top manager of weightlifting in Venezuela spoke out against the awarding of a single medal in the competition, “because if the snatch and clean and jerk were awarded, everything would be very different, because there are athletes who can start the day with a start outside of what they usually do and they recover in clean and jerk, or vice versa, it is not very recurrent that a weightlifter dominates the two modalities fully ».

Seijas stated that the tricolor representation of weightlifting in Asunción 2022 will be made up of 13 athletes, 7 female and 6 male.

Women’s team: Katherine Echandía, in 49 kilograms; Jasmin Quintero, in 55 kg; Genesis Rodríguez, in 59 kg; Angely Venegas, at 64; Laura Peinado, at 76; Dayana Chirinos, at 87 and Yaniuska Espinoza, at more than 87.

Men’s team: Wikeimar Lugo, in 61 kilograms; Reigen Arango, at 67 kg; Julio Mayora, in 73 kg; Darwin Castro, in 81; Keydomar Vallenilla, at 96 and Johan Sanguino, at 109.

The coaching staff is made up of Carlos Padrón, Otoniel Rivero, Liudis Farías and Humberto Navarro; and as delegate, Henry Claro.

Judges and referees: Doris Marrero, Alexis Ávila, Jamil Julianis and Endys Gamarra.

He also argued that fortunately the Venezuelan team has had sufficient support from the National Executive to carry out preparation days inside and outside the country, in addition to having been able to completely refurbish the facilities where athletes belonging to the teams normally train for the national and international competitions, which must be fulfilled in the programming of the International Weightlifting Federation.

Travel in search of meeting new goals

The Venezuelan weightlifting delegation to the XII South American Sports Games will depart on the night of this Wednesday, September 28, from the Simón Bolívar international airport in Maiquetía, in which it will be the first advance of the Venezuelan athletes to the second phase of the Olympic Cycle. to the 2024 Paris Olympics; the first was in Valledupar 2022.

The Asunción 2022 weightlifting competitions will take place at the facilities of Pavilion One of the Sports Park of the National Sports Secretariat (SND), on October 2, 3, 4 and 5. In addition to awarding medals to the winning athletes, it will also allow quotas for the Seniors World Championship, to be held from December 4 to 16 in Bogotá, Colombia.

The countries that will be competing in weightlifting in the Paraguayan capital are Argentina, Aruba, Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Curaçao, Chile, Ecuador, Guyana, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Suriname, Uruguay and Venezuela.

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