South Korea orders evacuation of two of its islands after intense bombardment by the North Korean regime

South Korea ordered the evacuation of one of its islands after intense bombing by the North Korean regime. (Reuters)

He South Korean Army Evacuation orders issued this Friday for the islands of yeonpyeong And bengnyeonglocated off the North Korean coast yellow seaAfter this Pyongyang opened fire in the surrounding areas 200 artillery rounds Due to which there was no harm to the population.

“This is a provocative act that threatens peace,” he said Korean PeninsulaThe Defense Ministry urged North Korea to immediately stop these actions and warned that they would take appropriate measures in response.

“The North Korean military fired more than 200 rounds into the area between 09:00 and 11:00 am today, Friday, January 5.” Corporal Jungsonnorth of the island of bengnyeongand from the cape sanseongnorth of the island of yeonpyeong“, said the South Korean General Staff (JCS) in a statement sent to the media.

“There are no casualties to civilians or military and the point of impact is located north of NLL,” the text indicates in reference to the acronym. northern boundary lineThe dividing line in the yellow sea that rejects Pyongyang and which has been the site of many conflicts including bombings yeonpyeong Four southerners lost their lives at the hands of the North in 2010.

Kim Jong-un’s forces fired more than 200 artillery rounds at Jangsan and Sanseong Cape area. The South Korean military reported that there were no casualties to civilians. (Europa Press)

an officer of Yeongpyeong City Hall quoted by agency Yonhap Assured that by order of a military unit, two evacuation broadcasts were made at 1:02 and 12:30 local time, stating “North Korean provocation,

On November 23, 2010, the South Korean Navy was conducting some maneuvers with live fire in the vicinity of the island, which is located 115 kilometers west. soul and was responded with dozens of artillery rounds fired by the dictatorship, just 10 miles off the North Korean coast Kim Jong Un About Yeonpyeong

This episode destroyed many buildings and moved 18 injuredApart from the four deaths mentioned.

detected by United Nations To avoid new clashes after signing the ceasefire Korean War In 1953, the NLL was rejected by North Korea, which argued that the border should be located further south.

Clashes around NLL between the armies of the two Koreas, which are technically still in a state of war because the above armistice has not been replaced by a peace agreement, have caused more damage. 50 dead -Mainly military- on both sides over the last 20 years.

Kim Jong-un has recently strengthened his country’s nuclear posture and tested intercontinental ballistic missiles. (Reuters)

The southern corvette was also sunk by a North Korean torpedo in that area. Rox Cheonan And 46 of its crew lost their lives.

Kim Jong Un has recently strengthened its country’s nuclear posture and conducted nuclear tests intercontinental ballistic missiles, Moreover, at major political meetings, he has warned of possible nuclear attack Against South Korea and urged to strengthen the country’s military arsenal.

In response to these threats, usa Deployed a nuclear submarine to Busan and conducted military exercises with long-range bombers in cooperation with Seoul and Tokyo. Pyongyang has described these steps as a provocation for war.

(With information from EFE and AFP)

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