Spain described Trump’s statements as “unacceptable”, although it will not reach 2% of defense spending by 2030

The Spanish government increases defense spending by 26% in 2023 and already reaches 1.14% of GDP

Donald Trump’s statements pointing out countries that have not fulfilled their promise to invest 2% of their GDP in the defense sector are directly related to Spain. Because the National Executive is willing to reach that percentage, but is on track for a gradual increase in the defense budget, which will not reach 2% until 2030. trump He knows very little about future promises and has already said that he might even tell Russia who those countries are so that Putin can attack them.

This Monday, Margarita Robles was very concerned by these statements of the candidate for President of the United States, which she described as “winking” at the dictator. “They seem unacceptable to me, it is very serious from all points of view,” he said during a discussion at Club Siglo XXI. The minister reminded that since the outbreak of the war in Ukraine two years ago, NATO “is giving an image solidarity against putin, That is why he has categorized the statement as “irresponsibility”. trump and this warning The Coalition “will not accept any action that involves violation of the rights Minimum standards are enshrined in international law and the UN Bill of Rights.” Furthermore, he guaranteed that support for Ukraine would be maintained at all levels.

Despite the strength of Robles’s words, all international analysts and intelligence experts view Donald Trump’s progress in the elections with concern. They had long been convinced that his arrival in the White House would mean a crack in the unity of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. And NATO means nothing without the United States,

Although pedro sanchez While during his tenure as a candidate he did not see the need to invest in defence, the essential role of the armed forces during the pandemic and the holding of the NATO summit in Madrid made him change his mind. Just last year, after the war in Ukraine began, Sanchez strengthened investments in the defense sector, increasing his budget by 26%.

At the moment, it represents 1.24% of GDP. Robles has reiterated on several occasions Spain’s desire to continue to grow the budget by 2%. A few weeks ago he took this commitment a step further by announcing during his appearance Defense Commission of the Deputy Congress That this year they will again increase defense spending to 1.3% of GDP. However, the figures are still far from the 2% promised within the coalition.

Spain, along with other countries European Union, works to achieve greater strategic autonomy in defense matters. Not only does it want to increase investments to comply with NATO, but, in anticipation of Trump’s re-election and the breakdown of allies’ unity, which would leave the EU alone in its fight against Russian interference, Spain is continuing investment plans. Is kept. In strategic defense within their possibilities.

The Spanish executive is in alliance with Germany and France to build the FCAS, a sixth-generation fighter that will be available in the 2040s and replace the Eurofighter. In addition, Spain is at the forefront of building submarines with the most cutting-edge technology, these being the S-80, which they hope to be able to export. F-110 frigates are also planned as well as Dragon 8×8 armored vehicles. Everything to try to be more autonomous.

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