Spain. Shakira, accused of tax fraud, finally appeared in court

A Spanish court has announced that planetary star Shakira has been hit with double tax fraud proceedings that ended in trial in the country or her long-term residence.

After the demand for parquet declared by mercredi, the tribunal of the periphery of Barcelona carried out an investigation that the Colombian artist faced “irregularity” in the declaration of imports in 2018, with a man who collected 6 million dollars of euros for the Spanish fiscus.

More “des irrégularités ne suffisent pas pour qu’un delit (fénal) contre l’administration fisale soit caractérisé”, according to the magistrate in charge of the case, according to the translator Hips don’t lie do not allow “voluntary tax fraud”.

In 2018, the tribunal expects an announcement in July when this procedure against the singer requires the use of domicile societies in paradise financial institutions in order to ensure the integrity of the payer in 2018.

To demonstrate her desire to resolve the situation, Shakira will now receive 6.6 million euros in equity, so that the 6 million fiscal authorities will increase interest for the delay and failure to regulate the situation.

“They are fighting against the fiscal and tax regime”

In a communiqué, Shakira expressed satisfaction that the Spanish justice “wrongly fined” à ce qu’ils qualifient de “campagne de defamation menée contra la chanteuse par l’administration” (financial administration). “Our client is satisfied that the audit actually shows that there are no complaints of tax fraud, but they are fighting against the fiscus and taxes,” said the son of lawyer Pau Molins, quoted in the text.

Shakira remains valid today in the Spanish tax office for 2011, but this is an administrative procedure. The singer was due to start the process in 2023 before the Barcelona tribunal in the cadre of the Prime Ministers against financial fraud.

Le parquet l’accusait, in this dossier, I did not avoid paying in Spain in 2012, 2013 and 2014, when they remained last year plus de 183 days during dans le pays, Seuil au-delà dukel person and is considered a financial resident . It sought 23.8 million euros for its founder, as well as two months in prison and 23.8 million euros in restitution.

The insanely crazy singer from the son of the category, who is accused, assures that she was in 2011 involved with the former Barcelona football club player Gerard Pique, she did not know that she had moved to the world that had passed last year. , due to career.

He confirmed that his family’s permanent arrangement in Barcelona broke up in 2014, and in 2015 he moved to his financial residence in the Bahamas in Spain, just before the birth of his two children.

Plus 7.3 million euros in regular payments.

The convening of the tribunal in November for three judges, she reached a final confession of guilt and at the last minute on the parquet, a process is also expected, promising freedom from privacy for those who want to interrogate them or control le These depend on the hairdressing salons of Barcelona.

Singer Waka Waka As part of this agreement, the payer is given an adjustment plus €7.3 million, which corresponds to “50%” of the amount of the fraud. She waited for only 17.45 million euros in the budget to regulate the situation in this matter.

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