Spain’s fancy electricity company goes bankrupt

From Helloaluz to farewell lights. Electricity company Holaluz has formalized a $4 million financing operation that has already been disbursed and is in talks with the Catalan Institute of Finance (ICF), dependent on the Generalitat, on two possible loan alternatives.

In a statement sent to BME Growth, the company explains that “continues to make progress in refinancing its activities” and that it’s open two alternatives confirmation from ICF is awaited.

Near loan 10 millioncredit from Avança de 3 millionconvertible loans from two “family offices” for 1.8 million And capital line To up to 7 million with an industrial investor in this sector. After confirmation one of two alternatives, Holaluz will provide “timely information to the market”.

Alert is triggered when trading is suspended

Hello Luz postponed the presentation of results for 2023 to this Thursday and the Q1 2024 update, which was originally scheduled for last Friday at 10:30 a.m.

As a renewable energy marketer told BME Growth, this delay is due to “ additional administrative procedures” that your auditors perform be able to publish the full audit report and management reports.

Shop BME Growth has suspended trading in Holaluz since last Thursdaywhich failed to timely submit complete information corresponding to the end of fiscal year 2023 at the time of its suspension. Titles Holaluza cost 2.57 euros per share.

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