Spanish puzzle game CLeM is now available on PC and Switch

Studio Barcelona Mango Protocol has released a new game about their “psychic adventures.” Clem This is a narrative adventure with a strange protagonist. Ragdoll something worn out that wakes up and starts hear the girl’s voice in the basement strange mansion. Thus begins a story with dark overtones.

Puzzles are intertwined with exploration to form what the studio calls. puzzle. The player must receive attributes for accessing new rooms as you solve the puzzles and draw the conclusions you get A notepad that records everything you do.

Characteristic dark cookie style.

The game has 2D graphics in a 3D environment with a visual style characteristic of a studio with hand drawn elements. It’s a pleasant and smooth journey through the game with dark cute look Mango’s own protocol.

CLeM inventory

Clem available on PC and Switch, who wants to try can download the prologue for free on Steam called CLeM: first attribute. Clem is studio’s fourth game after the trilogy written Mechanics, Agatha’s Knife And Colossus down in which two girls build a giant robot that can destroy the world.

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