Spanish TikToker tries LIDL’s new custard and gives this verdict

Many content creators share almost daily news from the largest supermarket chains our country. On this occasion, the new LIDL product is causing something to talk about on social networks, in particular TikTok platforma place where all kinds of food videos appear.

The coockcineme channel, well known on TikTok with over 472,000 subscribers (and counting), has shared a new video on his official profile in which he gives his assessment new custard from LIDL.

Spanish TikToker tries LIDL's new custard and gives this verdict

Spanish TikToker tries LIDL’s new custard and gives this verdict


This is about ‘Nougat with custard’ from LIDL – a new product that costs 1.59 euros and is available in some establishments of the network. “Very gelatinous,” said a Spanish TikToker before trying the new sweet product.

“Lots of smooth nougat flavor. Jihons without overdoing it on the sweet side,” he said in the video after trying LIDL’s new custard. As usual in his videos, the TikToker ends his verdict with a note. “A 6.5”– he pronounced the verdict.

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In the same video, he recalled that Mercadona also had nougat custards, but “they recalled them.” Because it couldn’t be any other way, the video quickly went viral and accumulated in just an hour. 7000 views, plus lots of comments. “They are gorgeous,” one user commented on the TikTok video.

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