Spotify reveals where you should listen to Miley Cyrus’s new album — LOS40 Chile

And you, have you heard the new Miley Cyrus album yet? “Endless Summer Vacation” It premiered last Friday, March 10, and featured 13 songs. The eighth album by the American was recorded in Los Angeles and included the work of several internationally recognized producers such as greg krustin who has collaborated with Adele and foo fighters and Kid Harpoon who has worked with Florence + the Machine’s and participated in “As It Was” British Harry Styles.

Is Chile trending again?

After the release of the North American, Spotify wanted to highlight which were the cities that listened to the album the most around the world. And Santiago was not left out. We were able to discover that our capital was one of the places where the record was played the most, ranking sixth in comparison to the rest of the world.

The city that took first place was New York, while in second and third place were the cities: Sao Paulo and Mexico City.

The post from Spotify’s Instagram account read “Endless Summer Vacation is here and over the weekend these 10 cities have streamed the album the most. Take a trip around the world with a little help from @mileycyrus 🌴”

Spotify’s recommendations

The music platform, in addition to mentioning which cities listened to the album the most, highlighted where in each city the songs from the album could be heard. Kind of like “Miley’s Travel Guide” they wrote.

In the case of Santiago, in the publication they mentioned that the album could be played on the Cerro Santa Lucía, Plaza de Armas and the Central Market. In addition, the city was assigned the song “Violet Chemistry”the fifth of the disc.

What did you think of the recommendations? Here we leave you the latest album by Miley Cyrus, “Endless Summer Vacation” so you can listen to it and take advantage of going to listen to it where they suggested it!

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