SS Daley presents euphoric au Pitti fashion show and Harry Styles à son Capital event

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January 12, 2024

SS Daley, signature of designer Stephen Stokey-Daley, has acquired a new investor, famous singer Harry Styles. A celebration of dignity in Florence with euphoric desecration. Under the guise of the Palazzo Vecchio, the City Hall of Florence, a collection of uniform codes of private English schools, a love of romance. Fashion show shot by Pitti Uomo, men’s ready-to-wear salon plus a new image in the world.

SS Daley – Automne-hiver Collection 2024 –

Le Pitti is a place for two. The most important part of the activities is the Basso Fortress, an impressive medieval fortress. Finally, “temporary forts are common to the unique and unique talents of the young.” It sealed the game with a brilliant presentation from S.S. Daly, dedicated to the frescoes of the great artists Giorgio Vasari, which is an Australian of the most important features of the Italian Renaissance and its artists.

A lucrative case, the house once became the site of Harry Styles’ temporary entry into the son of capital. The famous British singer has become a minority participant in entrepreneurship, and this engagement should become a tradition for the étroit partenariat, the pendant that will accompany the artist in the croissant of this stock brand in 2020.

This fashion show became a report on the adhesion of Giorgio Vasari. Luxury mannequins Hall of the Sinc Saintshabillée pour l’occasion d’une demi-douzaine decolnes en bois garnies d’oreillers.

“Je suis beaucoup inspires old Oxford students who live online. I envy the concept of a transformer in the abstract idea of ​​a bedroom and this is what the sculptures symbolize,” explained the creator of the scenes in captivity in darkness or confusion.

Le défilé était ouvert par un jeune étudiant en robe noire, gilet blanc, écharpe en soie et sans Pants, comme s’il venait de sauter du Lit for participation in a secret reunion after a minute. In Liverpool, Stephen Stokey-Daly wears beautiful clothes with matelassées chambre robes and écharpes, parcourues de son Famousux fil rouge. Forming long trains, they are worn on khaki green raincoats and black “soie à coupe ballon” trousers.

The Maison SS Daley factory keeps the good party going with its collections in Italy and gives a positive result. The designer signs silhouettes with destructured shoulder straps and precise coupes. The ensemble has a fresh and new feel thanks to the contrasting buds and ribs of the mannequins that seem even younger and cooler than the rest.

“When I came to the premiere, you were in Florence, I came here with the spirit three years ago. I said that I was impressed by the inlaid tapestries that I voyais partout que j’ai voulu le traduire dans tous ces pulls confectionery à la main, qui leur font reférence”, soufflé ce designer doté d’une grande sensibilité after the fashion show.

SS Daley – Automne-hiver Collection 2024 –

Excellent poncho in the style of maille montrait a dandy anglais à cheval. All in a mannequin the young garçon descends, à peine sorti de sonlit, ayant enfilé le premier vêtement lui passant sous la main. It’s hard to imagine that journalists and artists left on four Prime Minister’s trains to Monter-à-Chval, but the source of the creator’s inspiration became obvious: la nouvelle History of panicE. M. Forster, an account of the travel of British tourists to Italy and published in 1911.

Add all your impossible trench coats, millereye stripe ruffle trousers and a fantastic white saumon print shirt.

At the Croisée de Théâtre et de la Couture, this catwalk show is excellent in every way, promoting a collection of the best looks. Aucun d’entre eux n’était de trop.

Cela pourrait bien être l’un des main temps forts du Pitti 105 and Stephen Stokey-Daly impose on him the title of a Serious candidate for the prize of the collection of the most original men’s ready-to-wear in Europe. To confirm the end of Paris Men’s Fashion Week will be announced on January 21st.

Harry Styles didn’t have the honor of attending the Florence catwalk, but the singer-songwriter couldn’t get his new son to invest in the catwalk plus reussi. Operation conditions do not arise after they are opened.

“Harry and my members see the commune of avenir SS Daly and we, some eager debutants, in a new chapter of cooperation. “We are focusing on the longevity of the brand and its development in the modern and traditional British home,” says the young designer.

Stephen Stokey-Daly, who holds a degree in regime-building from the University of Westminster, has been appointed as the reinterpreter of British elitism in institutions that represent the countries’ publishing schools. The prestigious LVMH Prize will be announced in 2022 as the British Fashion Council’s Best Emerging Designer Award. Autant dire que son avenir s’annonce sous les meilleurs auspices.

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