SSPE elements are trained in “Tactical Medicine” – El Heraldo de Chihuahua

In order to better respond in risk, combat and rescue situations, 20 members of the State Public Security Secretariat participated in the Tactical Medicine course taught by the United States Embassy.

The training was carried out by the International Bureau of Anti-Narcotics Affairs and Law Enforcement (INL) where SSPE agents honed their skills in medical care in combat situations and first aid in the field.

The course is taught by Carlos Jiménez, contractor and advisor to the United States Embassy in Mexico, who has training as a Health Officer from the University of the Army and Air Force.

He is also co-author of the Pediatric Trauma Care manual, Active Shooter Chapter; collaborator of the “Special Tactics and Response” manual and the updating of the Tactical Medicine manual of the same Embassy.

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Over the next two weeks, the training will be delivered to more members of the corporation. In total there will be 60 officers who will receive this type of knowledge.

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