Starbucks 2×1 in January 2024: how to take advantage of this promotion?


Starbucks, The most popular coffee chain in the world has launched a new promotion starting January 2024, in which it offers its customers the opportunity to enjoy two drinks for the price of one.

The promotion will be valid from January 8 to January 31, 2024. To redeem it, customers must present a coupon, which they can download from the Starbucks Mexico app or request directly from their barista at a branch.

Participating drinks

This Starbucks promotion, effective January 2X1, 2024, applies to the purchase of a large (400 milliliters) or venti (500 milliliters) of any preparation type, excluding seasonal drinks or coffee of the day.

Promotion includes all Espresso Bar drinks (hot and ice), Frappuccino®, Refreshers®, Shakens and Cold Brew.

However, it is important to note that seasonal drinks and coffee of the day are not included.

How to choose drinks?

One of the best ways to get the most out of this promotion is to choose a variety of drink sizes. So you can get two large drinks or two drinks for the price of one.

Another option is to choose drinks that are similarly priced. This way, you won’t be charged more than you would pay for a regular-sized drink.

What other conditions apply?

Promotion is only valid in physical Starbucks Coffee stores in the Republic of Mexico where Starbucks Rewards is available.

The January 2024 Starbucks 2×1 Promotion is personal and non-transferable to other Starbucks Rewards members; It cannot be combined with any other promotions, coupons, discounts or rewards.

The promotion is valid only for the first purchase only in one of the following channels:

  • In a physical store
  • Pickup (pickup in store)
  • Pickup (pick up in your car)
  • Starbucks Rewards Delivery (Home Delivery)
  • The promotion does not apply to delivery aggregators (Uber, Didi, Rappi), Starbucks Reserve stores and Cancun airports.

How do I sign up for the Starbucks Rewards Program?

To sign up for the Starbucks Rewards program, you can do so in the Starbucks Mexico app or on the Starbucks website.

You can pay for your purchases through the Rewards app and receive exclusive promotions; You’ll also have special prices and priority access to the brand’s collectible glasses, thermoses and keychains.

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Starbucks statistics in the world

Starbucks It has more than 100 million loyal customers worldwide. These customers visit the chain’s stores on average 15 times a year.

In 2022, the number of Starbucks coffee shops around the world totaled more than 38 thousand. Over the past 15 years, the Seattle-based company’s number of offices has more than doubled.

How much is the brand worth?

The American coffee chain achieved its highest brand value since 2010.

The brand value is estimated to be US$61,535 million.


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