Starbucks is kicking off 2024 with an incredible Gold Cup, so you can get yours

Although the Christmas season is about to end Starbucks the famous coffee chain continues to pamper its true fans and has launched an impressive Gold glass to start 2024 in styleso if you don’t want to be left without yours, in this post we’ll tell you everything you need to know about it so you can get one of these sought-after limited edition pieces.

It was last Monday, January 1, when, through official social networks Starbucks The release of this impressive golden glass has been announced, which has exactly New Year theme and as soon as this item was announced, it quickly became one of the most sought-after products in the branches of the famous coffee shop chain.

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Starbucks welcomed 2024 with this impressive glass. Photo: FB: StarbucksMexico

Here’s how you can add this gold Starbucks cup to your collection.

This starbucks gold glass This is a studded type, it is made of acrylic material and Has a capacity of 710 ml.It is also known that said container is not completely sealed, but it is designed to withstand hot and cold drinks.

As far as we know, this golden Starbucks cup It costs 690 pesos. and it can be found in almost any branch of a well-known coffee chain and will be sold to the general public, so you do not have to be subscribed to Starbucks Rewards or any other program, it has also been reported that when you purchase the said item you can get a free drink.

This glass has a studded decoration. Photo: IG: starbucksmex

It’s important to note that, as with every Starbucks collection, only a certain number of pieces were released, so it is recommended that you come get your glass or as soon as possible because dDue to high demand they may sell out quickly. This happens every time an American network is launched.

Starbucks ends the Christmas season

The successful coffee chain made the most of the Christmas season to pamper its fans and to do so, launched all sorts of products such as stoppers, thermoses, glasses, desserts and specialty drinks, cups and even Christmas tree decorations. They will complete this collection with this spectacular gold glass. and while they haven’t given any clue as to what’s coming next, their best clients have already shown interest in the next line of products they’re about to release, and have even suggested that this collection might have a theme related to Valentine’s Day and others, more enterprising, choose a topic spring.

This gold glass is sold to the general public. Photo: IG: starbucksmex

Starbucks has not yet announced the launch date of their next collection, but they are expected to reveal all the details of their next product line in the coming days.

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