Starbucks is launching a beautiful collection of purple cups: how much do they cost and where can you buy them?

If anything is different Starbucks These are their glasses, and they have become very popular among consumers today because, in addition to their great design, they are as environmentally friendly as disposable glasses. As is common on the Internet coffeeevery season he releases new models, and this winter he has already released those that represent season from winter.

This collection of glasses will definitely captivate coffee and other drink lovers. beverages it’s hot because some have very colors startling and others look very elegant. And the best part is, they’re now available, so it’s time to grab yours before they’re gone.

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Purple dominates this winter collection | Photo: Instagram @starbucksmex

Where can I get Starbucks winter cups?

Starbucks says goodbye to Christmas, but opens the door to winter with a new collection. Color dominates these glasses. violetbut you will also find a blue thermos, a black one and a black mug with nature details.

glasses They are currently available in all Mexico branches, but stock availability will vary by store. So don’t wait too long and buy yourself one if any of these Models He defeated you.

The mug depicts bright flowers | Photo: Instagram @starbucksmex

Cost of Starbucks winter collection glasses

Prices may vary depending on branch However, where you buy them is the general prices for winter collection glasses. Don’t forget that when you buy a glass you get your favorite drink for free.

  • Black glass with purple flowers: 650 pesos.
  • Purple thermos: 670 pesos.
  • Blue glass: 370 pesos.
  • Purple thermos with flowers: 355 pesos.
  • Black mug with flowers: 330 pesos.
This glass costs 355 pesos | Photo: Instagram @starbucksmex

Glass characteristics

The glasses are sealed, that is, yours drink It stays hot longer than a regular container. Some of them like it cup The purple color has a sleeve at the top so it can be worn from there. The capacity of the glasses varies, so we suggest checking when purchasing.

Plus, every time you go to your favorite coffee shop Starbucks and bring your own glass, you will get 8 pesos discount. This is a thank you for your loyalty in purchasing one of their glasses, as well as for caring for the planet and creating a more sustainable world.

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